WWE SmackDown Results December 30, 2022


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We open to the lights going out and Bray Wyatt’s theme music chiming through the arena. Bray emerges with his lamp and comes to the ring. We are given a recap of Bray’s attack on a WWE cameraman last week. Bray introduces himself to the crowd. He says that deep down he does not feel like a good person. He says that he has done many things that he regrets, including his attack from last week. He attempts to apologize to him but LA Knight’s music hits and he comes out to ridicule Bray for trying to apologize.


LA Knight says that Bray is the guilty party and he needs to pay. He says this year’s Royal Rumble is his first and he wants to make it special. A challenge is made but Bray calls him a “little idiot” and asks him who he thinks he is. Bray thinks everyone has forgotten how brutal he can be. He accepts LA Knight’s challenge. A montage flashes on screen and then Uncle Howdy makes his way down to the ring. He stands between LA Knight and Bray Wyatt and they stare one another down before he moves to Bray’s side. He hits Wyatt with a Sister Abigail and he drops to the mat. LA Knight exits the ring and be heard saying “What the hell is going on?” as he surveys the ring.

Sami Zayn can be seen walking to the door of The Bloodline’s dressing room. He knocks and Paul Heyman comes out. They discuss their holidays and Sami says he thought to come and talk to Roman Reigns before their main event match later this evening. Paul Heyman mentions Roman’s gratitude for his pledge of loyalty this past Monday on WWE Raw. He also mentions that Roman may become weary of the crowd’s cheering of Sami Zayn lately.

Solo Sikoa defeats Sheamus

Sheamus enters the ring with The Brawling Brutes in toe. Solo Sikoa comes down with his brothers, The Usos, accompanying him. They both lock up at the bell and exchange heavy strikes to one another as well. Sheamus clotheslines Solo to the outside and he becomes frustrated, grabbing a steel chair and stalking the outside area of the ring. We go to commercial.

As we return from commercial break we see Solo with a rear chin lock on Sheamus who is attempting to break free of the hold. Solo Sikoa switches up to a Samoan Drop on Sheamus and sends him down to the mat. Too much time is wasted in Solo’s stalking and he eats a big boot from Sheamus. Sheamus lands a heavy front body slam on Solo and then hammers him with repeated forearm slaps to the chest. Solo receives a big knee from Sheamus but kicks out for a close two count. Sheamus hits the Irish Curse back breaker and then locks in the Irish Clover submission hold. Jimmy Uso pulls Solo’s arm to the rope to have the hold broken. The Brawling Brutes begin the fight with The Usos at ringside before Sheamus dives off of the top rope on to them. Sheamus is driven into the ring post and thrown back into the ring. Solo Sikoa nails him with the Samoan Spike and lands the pinfall victory. The Bloodline takes to triple teaming Sheamus. Drew McIntyre’s music hits and he storms the ring, sending Solo over the top rope and hitting a Claymore on Jimmy Uso before they retreat.

WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship: Rhonda Rousey (c) defeats Raquel Rodriguez

Raquel Rodriguez enters the ring with a bandaged arm from the attack by Rhonda Rousey and Shayna Bayzler. Rhonda Rousey enters with Shayna by her side. The two attempt to intimidate Raquel during introductions. Rhonda and Raquel lock up and Rhonda goes right for the bandaged elbow of Raquel. Rodriguez over powers Rhonda with a stiff shoulder block and a body slam. Rhonda attempts to confer with Shayna outside of the ring but Raquel slams her on the apron and throws her back into the ring. Raquel goes for a tackle in the corner but Rhonda dives out of the way and she crashes into the steel ring post. We go to commercial.

Returning from commercial we see Rhonda Rousey continuing her assault on the injured arm of Raquel Rodriguez. Rhonda wraps Raquel into a MMA style submission hold but Raquel breaks the hold and begins to fire back with stiff right hands. Rhonda blocks and hits a hard side body slam for a two count. Raquel finds herself in another submission lock but powers to a standing position and slams Rousey down. As Raquel attempts a spinning body slam Rhonda slips in another arm bar. Rodriguez powers out and locks in a Texas Cloverleaf. Rhonda reverses into an ankle lock. The hold is broken and Raquel lands a face plant on the champion. Rhonda responds with another arm bar that sees the two women topple out of the ring. Raquel powers Rhonda into a powerbomb position and slams her into the ring apron. We go to another commercial break.

Returning from the second commercial break we have Rhonda Rousey high in the air with a vertical suplex from Raquel Rodriguez. Rodriguez lands the suplex but is put in yet another arm bar. Raquel powers out again and slams Rhonda down but is unable to recover quickly. Rhonda wiggles out of another suplex attempt and locks in a sleeper hold. Raquel dives towards the corner and Rousey smacks her head into the ring post. Raquel lands a corkscrew moonsault but Shayna puts Rhonda’s foot on the rope to break the pinfall. As Raquel goes for a firemen’s carry slam Rhonda wiggles out and locks in another arm bar. Raquel falls from the top rope with the hold still locked in and she submits. Rhonda Rousey wins via submission and retains the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship.

As Rhonda and Shayna go to attack Raquel Charlotte Flair’s music plays and she comes to the ring. Rhonda takes to the microphone to make fun of Charlotte’s recent elbow injury, asking if she wants to challenge for the championship at the Royal Rumble. Charlotte says no, shes challenging her for tonight. Rhonda accepts despite Shayna’s protest. Charlotte hits a big boot for a close two count. Charlotte goes for a spear that Rhonda reverses into an arm bar but Charlotte rolls up Rousey and gets the three count. Charlotte Flair wins the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship for the 14th time! 

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