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WWE SmackDown Results – July 11th, 2017: Kevin Owens & Rusev vs. AJ Styles & John Cena


Show: WWE SmackDown
Location: San Antonio, TX at the AT&T Center
Date: July 11th, 2017
Airing on the USA Network

Welcome to SmackDown Live. There was a recap video package of AJ Styles winning the Independence Day Battle Royal and beating Kevin Owens at last Friday’s WWE live event for the United States Championship.

Styles walked out to the ring to start the show. He said that Battleground came a little early for him. He said that his face is an upgrade as the face of America from Owens. He said that it’s not about him but the title and what it represents. He said that a former champion used to have open challenges and he wants to bring it back. He said that this championship had been overlooked for way too long but that is going to change as whoever holds it means that they are the best. He issued an open challenge. This led to John Cena walking out to the ring. Cena said that he wants to make sure if Styles knows what he just said. Styles said that includes Cena. This led to Cena accepting his challenge. Charles Robinson walked out, and they teased doing the match, but before the bell sounded, Owens walked out and saying that no one wants to see this match again. He said that no one cares about either of them but rather that he deserves a rematch with Styles. He said that no one missed Cena and that they don’t need him here. He told Cena to leave. Cena fired back and said that Owens couldn’t see him. Cena said that Owens is just like everyone who has said that same thing in the past. He wanted Owens to get into the ring and promised to run through both of them. Rusev came out of nowhere to attack Cena. A brawl broke out with all four Superstars. Rusev locked in the Accolade on Cena. Owens and Rusev walked to the back to end the segment.

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Singles Match: Jinder Mahal vs. Tye Dillinger

They lock up, and Dillinger hit a crossbody off the middle rope for 2. Dillinger with an up kick but Mahal cut him off with a big clothesline. Mahal with a series of knee drops.

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We’re back with Mahal in control of Dillinger. Moments later, Dillinger fought back with a series of right hands. Mahal caught him with a knee strike and then hit his finisher for the win.

Winner: Mahal.

Post-match, Mahal cut a promo about how each week he comes out here and speaks the truth but the fans still boo him. He doesn’t understand why they still chant for Randy Orton. He vowed to beat Orton and retain his title at Battleground.

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Singles Match: Xavier Woods vs. Jey Uso.

Woods caught him with a kick right out of the gate. Woods with a series of right hands. Jey knocked him down and went to the top rope but Woods put up his knees when Usos dove. Woods caught him with a kick on the apron then went to the top rope and hit an elbow drop for the win.

Winner: Woods.

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We see Shane McMahon telling Daniel Bryan that he has not seen James Ellsworth tonight. Bryan was not at the show. Naomi walked in and said that she wants to know her next challenger. This led to Charlotte Flair walking in and said that if she hears the name Lana then she is going to need to be banned. Becky Lynch, Natalya, Lana and Tamina walked in as well. McMahon booked a 5-way Elimination match at Battleground. The winner of this match will challenge Naomi at SummerSlam for the title.

Baron Corbin cut a backstage promo about his beatdown of Shinsuke Nakamura. He vowed to beat him again tonight.

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Singles Match: Baron Corbin vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Nakamura attacked him as he was making his entrance. They brawled in the crowd and back to ringside. They were eventually separated by WWE officials. No match ever took place.

We see Cena and Styles talking backstage. Styles said that he has not forgotten about their rivalry and that he will keep the US Title. Cena said that he will give him his word that he has his back tonight and that he will come after the US Title.

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Tag Team Match: Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair vs. Tamina & Natalya

Flair and Tamina started things out. Flair knocked her down but Tamina caught her with an elbow. Natalya was tagged in and stepped on Flair. Flair popped up and hit a chop then tagged in Lynch, who went after the left arm of Natalya. Natalya with a clothesline then a suplex. She missed a baseball slide and Natalya sent her into the steel steps.

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We’re back with Tamina in control of Lynch. Lana walked down to the ringside to take a better look at the action. Tamina hit Lynch with a clothesline then knocked Flair off the apron. This led to Natalya and Tamina double teaming her in the corner. Flair got the hot tag and hit a series of strikes to Natalya. Lana got on the apron and distracted Flair. Tamina got the hot tag and super kicked Flair for the win.

Winners: Tamina & Natalya.

We see Maria Kanellis knocking on the locker room door. Chad Gable opens the door and she is looking for Sami Zayn as he needs to apologize to her. Gable said that Zayn wasn’t in there. She told him to have Zayn find her.

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We see Zayn walk up to Maria and Mike. He said that he has already apologized twice and is sick of doing so. He said that when he is trying to wrestle they get in his way with their love. He wants to know which is the lover and the fighter. Maria slapped him then Mike smashed him with a flower vase.

There was a Fashion Files segment involving Mojo Rawley and Zack Ryder shown.

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Tag Team Match: Kevin Owens & Rusev vs. AJ Styles & John Cena

Cena and Rusev started things off. Rusev knocked him down then grabbed his flag and waved it around. Owens choked Cena in the corner with the tag rope while Rusev landed a series of right hands.

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We’re back with Rusev in control of Cena. Rusev went to the top rope but missed a dive. Styles got the hot tag and hit a series of strikes to Rusev, who fired back with an elbow strike. Styles locked in the Calf Crusher but Rusev got out of it. Rusev caught him with a kick for 2. Owens was tagged in and locked in the headlock on Styles, who fought out of it and rolled him up for 2. Owens hit a big clothesline for 2. Rusev was tagged in and hit a big kick for 2. Cena got the hot tag and hit a side slam to Owens. He went for the AA but Rusev kicked him in the face. Styles took out Rusev and kicked Owens. Cena with the AA to Owens for the win.

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