WWE Superstars (7/17) Results: Truth Vs. Ryback


Welcome to WWE Superstars, we kick things off with the lovely ladies. 

Naomi Vs. Rosa Mendes 

They lock up, Naomi with a kick to the gut and then a roll up. Naomi lands a dropkick and Rosa retreats to the floor to regroup. Back in the ring, Naomi rolls her up for 2. Naomi lands a forearm shot, she reverses an irish whip and gives her a booty shake. Rosa sends Naomi to the floor hard. Rosa puts the boots to Naomi on the floor, back in the ring, Rosa covers her for a near fall. Rosa sends Naomi face first into the canvas. Rosa hits a snap suplex for a near fall. Rosa locks in a headlock, but Naomi fights out. Things spill out ot the floor and that’s where Naomi hits a head takeover on Rosa. She sends Rosa back into the ring, she lands a back slide for 2. Naomi with a heel kick, then  a drop kick. Naomi ducks a clothesline and hits one of her own. Naomi misses the moonsault and Rosa covers her for 2. Rosa pulls the hair of Naomi, but Naomi hits her finisher off a reversal for the win. 

Winner: Naomi in 5:02.

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Video highlights are shown for the Jack Swagger – Rusev feud. America rules!

Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter do a backstage promo about Lana and Rusev. Swagger says that he is going to lay on Rusev all night long. Swagger says the USA will put an end to the Rusev Crush.

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Video highlights are shown for the Chris Jericho feud. 

R-Truth Vs. Ryback  

A shoving match breaks out, but Ryback  pushes R-Truth down. Ryback  hits a shoulder block, he reverses a hip toss and nails one of his own. Ryback  misses a leg drop and Truth hits one of his own for a 2 count. Truth does some dancing, he sends Ryback  over the top rope to the floor. 

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We’re back and Ryback  is in control. Ryback  lands a series of knees to the gut of Truth. The big guy stays in control until Truth reverses and irish whip, Ryback  goes shoulder first into the ring post. Truth hits a clothesline, then another and a heel kick for good measure. Truth hits the scissor kick for a near fall! Truth heads to the top rope, he nails a dropkick for a near fall. Truth runs into a big boot and Ryback  heads to the top rope. He misses a splash and Truth hits a suplex for a near fall. Truth shoots off the ropes and Ryback  reverses and hits a spine buster. Ryback  mocks the crowd and hits  the meat hook clothesline. He follows it up with the shell shock for the win. 

Winner: Ryback in 10:01.

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Final hype for Battleground PPV is shown. 

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