WWE Superstars (7/24) Results: Del Rio Vs. R-Truth


[Show: WWE Superstars] [Location: Orlando, FL] [Date: 7/24/14] [Airing Live On Syfy]

Welcome to WWE Superstars, we are shown video highlights of Heath Slater interrupting Flo Rida on this past Monday’s Raw.

Adam Rose Vs. Heath Slater 

Slater with an arm drag and taunts the crowd. Rose goes after Hornswoggle and it freaks out Hornswoggle. Slater goes after Rose, which leads to Rose clotheslining him. Back in the ring and Slater hits a heel kick for 2. Slater puts the boots to Rose, Slater misses a splash in the corner and Rose hits a big time spin buster. Rose hits the clothesline in the corner followed by back kicks to Slater. Roe is distracted by Hornswoggle and Slater hits a back suplex. The Rose buds take Swoggle to the middle of the stage where he he dressed like Rose. The distraction leads to Rose hitting the party foul.

Winner: Rose

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We are shown the opening segment from this past Monday’s Raw.

Video is shown of Xavier Woods doing his promo from Raw with Kofi Kingston and Big E.

We have a backstage segment with Woods trying to talk R-Truth into joining them. Woods says stop kissing babies, signing and dancing. Where is the passion, Woods wants to know. Truth says he will show that passion tonight against Alberto Del Rio.

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More highlights from Raw featuring Bray Wyatt – Chris Jericho.

Alberto Del Rio Vs. R-Truth 

Rio misses a clothesline and Truth hits a head take over followed by a leg drop for 2. Truth ducks and sends Rio to the apron. Truth uses the top rope to his advantage and hits an outside dive taking out Rio.

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We’re back with Truth in control, but Rio knocks him down and locks in a headlock. Truth fights out, but Rio cuts him off with a knee to the gut. Truth reverses an Irish whip and hits a shoulder tackle. Truth with a clothesline, then a heel kick and a splash in the corner. Truth hits a big time DDT for a near fall. Truth misses the scissor kick and Rio goes for the armbar, but blocked. Truth goes for a suplex, but reversed and Rio hits the super kick. Rio locks in the cross arm bar for the win.

Winner: ADR

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We are shown a video recap of Stephanie McMahon getting arrested on Raw.

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Finally, video highlights of Brock Lesnar returning on Raw and named number one contender for the WWE World Heavyweight title against John Cena at SummerSlam.

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