WWE Survivor Series 2017 PPV Results – Brock Lesnar vs. AJ Styles, Raw vs. SmackDown


Show: Survivor Series

Location: Houston, Texas at the Toyota Center

Date: November 19th, 2017

Welcome to the WWE Survivor Series pre-show, and we are live on the WWE Network. Various video packages were shown to hype the matches featured on the main card. 

Cruiserweight Title Match (Pre-Show): Enzo Amore © defeated Kalisto

— Kickoff Pre-show: Elias defeated Matt Hardy

— Kickoff Pre-show: Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn defeated Breezango

Welcome to the Survivor Series PPV! We get an intro video package to hype the matches that will be taking place tonight. Our opening contest is…

Six-Man Tag Team Match: The New Day vs. The Shield

Kofi and Ambrose start things off. They did some technical wrestling at the beginning before Ambrose slapped him. Woods and Seth were tagged in. Seth with a big clothesline after being outworked by a wrist lock. Big E and Reigns were now legal.

Big E with a shoulder block but Reigns knocked him down with one of his own. Reigns with a samoan drop for 2. Reigns with a big boot and Woods was tagged in. Ambrose and Seth cleaned house then clotheslines The New Day to the floor. Reigns hit Woods with a clothesline then Seth hit a big right hand. Ambrose and Seth double teamed Woods. Kofi with a series of strikes and kicks after being tagged in. Kofi went for a dive but Ambrose caught him. Kofi backed up Ambrose and tagged in Big E who put the boots to him. New Day took turns putting the boots to Ambrose. Ambrose managed to hit a clothesline to Big E but Woods cut him off. Ambrose took out Woods with an outside dive. A brawl broke out between the two teams with Shield getting the advantage. Big E speared Ambrose off the apron to the floor. Back in the ring, Big E pinned Ambrose for 2.

Woods worked over the left shoulder of Ambrose but Ambrose was able to fight out of it. Big E now in but was hit by a missile drop kick by Ambrose. Kofi now in and Ambrose hit a back body drop then tagged in Seth who hit a springboard forearm then an over castle and sling blade for 2. Seth with a back kick to Woods then hit the buckle bomb and Reigns who is now legal hit a clothesline for 2. Woods rolled up Reigns for 2. Woods with some elbow strikes and walked into a superman punch by Reigns. The crowd was split. Reigns missed the spear as Woods kicked him in the face. Big E with a slam to Reigns and Seth super kicked Big E and Kofi. Seth with a knee strike and Ambrose with Dirty Deeds to Kofi for a near fall as Woods made the save. Seth with a super kick to Woods. Ambrose and Reigns sent Big E into the barricade. They did the same to Kofi.

The Shield went for a triple powerbomb but Big E made the save and so did Kofi. Kofi with a kick to Seth and Woods with a knee strike to Ambrose. New Day with a triple head kick to Ambrose.  Kofi with a splash then Big E to Ambrose. Big E picked up Seth and Ambrose while Kofi and Woods came off the middle rope for a Double Midnight Hour but Reigns speared Kofi to break it up. A brawl broke out between the teams. Kofi with a head kick to Reigns and went to the top but missed a dive. Reigns hit a spear to Kofi then The Shield hit the Triple Powerbomb off the middle rope for the win.

Winners: The Shield

Female 5-on-5 Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match: Alicia Fox (Team Captain), Sasha Banks, Nia Jax, Asuka, Bayley vs. Becky Lynch (Team Captain), Carmella, Tamina Snuka, Naomi, Natalya

Lynch and Fox started things out. Fox with a series of knee strikes in the corner. Lynch fought back with a big boot then a clothesline and forearm. Lynch with a drop kick followed by a back kick. Fox sent her to the apron and Lynch used the top rope to her advantage followed up by a leg drop from the top rope for 2. Bayley was tagged in and with a roll up on Lynch for the first elimination.

Elimination: Lynch

Natalya is now legal and hit a suplex to Bayley followed up by some kicks. Tamina in and put the boots to Bayley. Asuka now legal and landed some kicks and strikes to Tamina. Fox now in and did the same. Tamina fought back once Bayley was in again and backed her into the corner. Natalya was in, and Bayley attacked Team SmackDown. Carmella with a super kick to Bayley and Tamina with a splash off the top rope for the elimination.

Elimination: Bayley.

Jax and Tamina squared off. Jax with a series of shoulder blocks then a splash in the corner. Jax with a rolling cannonball for 2. Jax went for a samoan drop but stopped and knocked Lana off the apron. Tamina with a series of super kicks to send Jax to the floor. Naomi with an outside crossbody on Jax. Tamina with a third super kick to Jax then a crossbody and Tamina got back in the ring before the ten count to eliminate Jax.

Elimination: Jax.

Naomi rolled up Fox for 2. Naomi with a step-up head kick but missed a split legged moonsault. Fox with a big boot but Naomi fired back and rolled her up for the elimination. It was a botched finish.

Elimination: Fox

Banks locked in the Bank Statement to eliminate Naomi.

Elimination: Naomi

Carmella jumped Banks and then hit a suplex for 2. Asuka with a series of kicks to Carmella then hit a butt attack for 2. Carmella with a neck breaker to Asuka. Carmella slapped Asuka which fired up Asuka who hit a series of kicks then a final one to eliminate Carmella.

Elimination: Carmella

Banks and Asuka hit a double suplex to Natalya for 2. Banks and Natalya exchanged slaps then Banks with an up kick, but Natalya cut her off with a big clothesline. Banks with a series of clotheslines then a drop kick. Banks with a double knee strike in the corner followed up by the Bank Statement, but Tamina broke it up. Natalya rolled up Banks for 2. Natalya sent Banks hard into the turnbuckle and locked in the Sharpshooter for the elimination.

Elimination: Banks.

We are down to Tamina and Natalya against Asuka. 2-on-1. Natalya jumped Asuka and landed some strikes. Tamina and Natalya double teamed Asuka. Tamina went to the top rope but missed the splash and Asuka with the Asuka Lock for the elimination.

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