WWE TLC 2019 PPV Results – Reigns vs. Corbin, First-Ever Match


Welcome to the WWE TLC pre-show, and we are live on the WWE Network.

Welcome to the TLC PPV! We get an intro video package to hype the matches that will be taking place tonight. Our opening contest is…

WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship Ladder Match: The New Day © vs. The Revival 

After a quick start for The New Day, the challengers took them out and brought some ladders to the ring. Kingston hit a spring board crossbody with a ladder to the challengers. Big E missed a splash on the apron and ate the ladder. Big E climbed the ladder but Dawson hit a drop kick off the top rope to knock him off. The Revival drove a ladder into the groin of Big E. They also tossed Big E face first into a ladder. Kofi used the ladder and hit The Revival in the faces. Big E had Dawson in a leg submission and Kofi hit him in the gut with it. Kofi was pushed off the ladder but he fell onto the rope and caught his balance before hitting a spring board DDT to Dawson. The Revival hit Shatter Machine to Kofi off the ladder. Big E speared Wilder through the ropes. Dawson with a suplex to Big E on a ladder but it didn’t break. Thus, Wilder hit a splash to Big E to break the ladder. Kofi stopped Dawson from getting the titles and a brawl broke out on top of the ladders. Big E hit the Big Ending to Wilder off the ladder and leaving Dawson and Kofi on the ladders. Kofi used a title to hit Dawson in the face and sending Dawson through a ladder for the win. 

Winner: The New Day ©

Singles Match: Aleister Black defeated Buddy Murphy

WWE Raw Tag Team Champions The Viking Raiders issued an open challenge.

 WWE Raw Tag Team Champions The Viking Raiders vs. The OC

The champions had the early advantage as they worked over Anderson. Gallows with a super kick to Erick on the outside. Anderson dropped him with a spinebuster for 2. The challengers would then work over Erick for a few moments until he managed to fight back and get the hot tag to Ivar, who made the babyface comeback with a series of strikes to Anderson. Ivar with some hands to Gallows before going to the top rope but Anderson knocked him off. The challengers hit a double team back suplex for 2. The champs hit their finisher to Anderson before Gallows broke it up. Gallows with a spinebuster to Erick then a big boot to Ivar. They did a spot outside of the ring and all members were down, which led to them being counted out. There was not a winner. 

Post-match, Anderson was sent through the KFC table.

TLC Match: Roman Reigns vs. Baron Corbin  

Reigns took out several security guards before the match. The two stars brawled into the crowd. Back in the ring, Corbin hit a side slam for a near fall. Corbin started the beatdown of Reigns for a few moments. Reigns made his comeback while selling injured ribs. Reigns went for the Superman Punch but Corbin blocked and Reigns reversed a chokeslam. Corbin ended up hitting a back breaker. Corbin mocked Reigns’ spear and Reigns ended up sending him head first into the chair placed in the corner before hitting a spear. Corbin hit Reigns in the face with dog food before sending him through a table. Reigns hit a samoan drop to Corbin through a table. Dolph Ziggler came from under the ring and hit a super kick to Reigns. Reigns grabbed a kendo stick and attacked everybody including security guards before hitting an outside dive. Reigns ate a chair shot in the face then Ziggler hit the Zig Zag to Reigns. The Revival also ran out and helped the beatdown. Corbin hit end of Days to Reigns for the win. 

Winner: Baron Corbin

Non-Title Match: Bray Wyatt vs. The Miz 

Wyatt came dressed out with what he’s wearing during his backstage segments. The Miz got on the early offense and beatdown Wyatt. After Miz reversed Sister Abigail, he hit the Skull Crushing Finale but didn’t pin him. As Miz beat him down, Wyatt seemed to enjoy it and was laughing. Miz worked over the left shoulder of Wyatt, who then drove his shoulder several times into the barricade. Miz with a drop kick to Wyatt then sent him into the announce table. Wyatt fought back and hit Sister Abigail to win the odd match. 

Winner: Bray Wyatt

After the match, The Fiend appeared on the screen and Wyatt agreed to bring out the giant mallet. Daniel Bryan dressed in a hoodie hit his finisher to Wyatt with a new look as he cut his hair. Bryan was going to hit Wyatt with the mallet but the lights went out and Wyatt was gone. 

Tables Match: Rusev vs. Bobby Lashley 

They brawled around the ring to start things off. Lashley started setting up tables around ringside. Lashley continued the beatdown in the ring and working over the ribs of Rusev. This match was dead. Lashley set up a table and went for a suplex off the top rope but Rusev resed. Lashley went for a suplex on the apron but Rusev battled out. Rusev knocked Lashley off the apron and he avoided the table. Rusev got steel steps and hit Lashley with it. Lashley hit Rusev a few times with a kendo stick. Lashley sent Rusev through a guardrail Moments later, Rusev fought back and hit Lashley with a kendo stick a few times. Lashley speared Rusev into a table but it didn’t break. Lashley with a belly-to-belly suplex through a table that did break and the match is over. 

Winner: Bobby Lashley

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship TLC Match: The Kabuki Warriors (champions) vs.  Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair 

A brawl broke out to start things off. Flair sent Sane face-first into the ladder several times. Flair and Lynch went for a powerbomb to Asuka through a table but Sane made the save. They would then send Asuka into the ring post. Sane snapped by throwing chairs into the ring. Sane would then spray a fire extinguisher in the faces of Lynch and Flair. Asuka hit them with a piece of rope. The heels hit a neck breaker to Lynch on some chairs. Asuka suplexed Lynch onto a ladder then they tied Lynch to the ladder. Flair tried to stop them but Asuka kicked Flair in the face. Asuka and Sane climbed the ladder but were taken out by Flair, who hit them with a kendo stick. The babyfaces made a comeback with Lynch being untied and they attacked the challengers. Lynch hit a leg drop off the middle rope to send Asuka through a table. Flair and Lynch went for a double suplex but Sane reversed with a DDT. Sane hit an elbow drop off the apron to Lynch but the table didn’t break. Flair suplexed Sane through a table before she was taken out by Asuka. Moments later, Asuka powerbombed Flair off the apron through a table. Lynch hit a series of suplexes to the champs. Lynch climbed the ladder but Asuka pushed her off and she ate the top rope. Asuka got the titles and won the match. 

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