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WWE WrestleMania 35 PPV Results – Women Headline, Rollins vs. Lesnar, HHH vs. Batista


Winner: Shane McMahon

WWE Women’s Tag Team Title Fatal 4-Way Match: Bayley & Sasha Banks © vs. Nia Jax & Tamina vs. Beth Phoenix & Natalya vs. The IIconics


A brawl broke out to begin the match.  Phoenix with a double suplex on both. Hart Attack by Natalya with help from Phoenix. Bayley breaks up the pinfall attempt. Phoenix drops Bayley. Banks is tossed into Phoenix and drops her down into the Bank Statement. Phoenix rolls through, goes for the Glam Slam and Banks counters out. Tag to Natalya who drops Bayley quickly. Natalya is going for and locks in a double Sharpshooter on Banks and Bayley. Nia is back in and tosses Phoenix away. Double headbutt by Nia and Tamina on Phoenix. Double samoan drop on The IIconics by Nia and Tamina. Nia splashes Banks and Tamina clotheslines Bayley. Banks takes out Natalya and Phoenix with double knees. Bayley with a flying elbow on Phoenix. Banks with a frog splash over Phoenix to follow up. Phoenix with a Glam Slam on Bayley off the second rope. The IIconics break it up. Billie pins Bayley to get the win.

Winner: The IIconics

WWE Title Match: Daniel Bryan © vs. Kofi Kingston

They lock up to start things off then Kingston took out Bryan with an outside dive. Back in the ring, Bryan hit a series of uppercuts then locked in the surfboard submission. Kingston got out of it and landed a series of kicks in the corner. Kingston landed a double foot stomp for 2. Bryan mounted him and landed some vicious shots. Kingston with a clothesline then followed up with a boom drop. Kingston with a baseball slide then went for a spring board dive but ate the edge of the announce table.

Back in the ring, Bryan put him on the top rope and landed a knee strike to the back for 2. Bryan with a knee strike to the gut and started working over the ribs of the challenger. He did so for the next few moments. Bryan got the boston crab submission but Kingston powered his way out of it. Bryan put him on the top rope but Kingston fought his way out with a series of elbow strikes then hit a splash for 2. They trade strikes then Kingston missed trouble in paradise and Bryan went for the boston crab. They trade roll ups until Kingston hit a spring board crossbody for 2. Bryan rolled through and got the lebell lock but Kingston landed a head kick to get out of it. Kofi blocked the running knee and hit the SOS but Bryan rolled through into the lebell lock. Kingston managed to get to the bottom rope.

Bryan landed a series of kicks to the chest of Kingston and Kingston answered. Kingston with an inverted DDT for 2. Rowan tossed Xavier Woods over the announce table then clotheslined Big E. Kingston took out the big man with trouble in paradise then Woods and Big E hit midnight ending. Kingston caught Bryan with a head kick but Bryan hit the running knee strike for a near fall. Bryan with a series of smashing kicks to the face of Kingston. Bryan with the lebell lock but Kingston managed to fight through the pain and got free with a series of strikes from guard. Kingston with some head kicks then connected with trouble in paradise for the win.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

WWE United States Title Match: Samoa Joe © vs. Rey Mysterio

Mysterio came right out of the gate, hit a series of kicks and connected with the 619. Joe caught him and locked in the rear-naked choke for the win. Quick match.

Winner: Samoa Joe ©

Singles Match: Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre

A brawl broke out to start things off with both stars trading shots. McIntyre with a spinebuster out of the corner for 2. Reigns caught him with a leg drop through the ropes. Back in the ring, McIntyre landed a big time headbutt then tossed him across the ring. Reigns caught him with a clothesline sending him to the floor but missed the drive by and McIntyre landed some strikes. McIntyre with the alabama slammer for 2.

McIntyre put Reigns on the top rope but Reigns countered and hit some headbutts but McIntyre managed to toss him to the mat. The wave started by the fans in attendance. Reigns landed a big boot and connected with the drive by then sent him into the ring. Reigns with a samoan drop and hit a clothesline. Reigns ate a headbutt but fired back with a superman punch. The fans are booing Reigns, who hit the spear for the win.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Elias is backstage and seen playing the drums, piano. We then see him in the ring with a guitar and started to play. A special bulletin graphic appeared with a video of Babe Ruth playing and out walked John Cena with his 2003 theme song playing and dressed as the doctor of thuganomics. Cena grabbed a microphone and cut a promo while rapping about how bad Elias is. Cena laid him out with a strike then hit the five knuckle shuffle and the AA to end the segment.

No Holds Barred Match: Batista vs. Triple H

Batista went right after him and landed a series of shoulder blocks. Triple H fired back with right hands until Batista tackled him. Triple H elbowed him out of the ring. Batista tossed him over the announce table but Triple H tackled him and Batista hit his head on the apron. Batista clotheslined him over the barricade. Triple H hit Batista with a tool box then used a wrench on the hand of Batista. Triple H grabbed a chair and some needle nose pliers. Triple H hit him in the back with a chair then tried to pull out his nose ring and acted like he did and Batista sold it. Batista fought back and tossed him into the barricade. Batista suplexed him on the announce table, which didn’t break. Batista nailed him in the back with a chair then landed some knee strikes in the corner. Triple H with a knee strike and sent Batista shoulder first into the ring post. Batista avoided the Pedigree and hit a powerslam for 2. Batista grabbed the steel steps and hit Triple H in the face. Batista launched him onto the steps. Batista went for a powerbomb but Triple H reversed it and backdropped him onto the announce table, which didn’t break. Triple H ran across two tables and speared him through a table. Triple H grabbed a sledgehammer but Batista hit a spear out of nowhere for 2. Batista grabbed the sledgehammer but Triple H kicked him in the face. Batista with a spinebuster and the powerbomb for 2. They trade shots in the corner until Triple H powerbombed him off the middle rope onto the steel steps. Triple H hit the Pedigree for a near fall. Batista with a DDT onto the steel steps. Ric Flair walked out to the ring and gave him a sledgehammer and Triple H hit him with it and connected with the Pedigree for the win.

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