WWE WrestleMania 38 Night 2 Results, Viewing Party & More


Stone Cold Stunner to Theory. The Texas Rattlesnake is left in the ring with Mr. McMahon. We all know what’s happening next. McMahon sips his beer that Austin gave him. They clink. Aaaaaand there’s the kick to the chest. McMahon completely botches the Stunner, but hey, the idea was there.

Theory had one of the best sells of all time and McMahon had another one of the worst, ROFL.


Time for Austin to celebrate with McAfee. There’s a chance this ends in a Stunner, too.

There we go. Stunner to McAfee! A minute later, there’s a shot of McAfee on the ground, dumping a can of beer into his mouth. This was great.

Winner Takes All Champion vs. Champion Match – Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar

  • I’m disappointed Roman Reigns didn’t get a special entrance.
  • Nothing for Lesnar, either. Why cheap out for the entrances this year? There were like two good ones.
  • Can’t say I pictured Brock Lesnar would do his own announcement.
  • More than anything, I just want Reigns to win this match, particularly with a clean victory, to finish the feud. But I’m hoping this match kicks ass, too.
  • I won’t be keeping tally of the times we see a Superman Punch, spear, German suplex or F5. But in this sequence alone, we had 2, 2, 5..wait, another punch…into an F5, yeah, I’m losing track.
  • Reigns spears Lesnar into the referee, then takes advantage of Chad Patton being down for a low blow. Heyman hands the universal title belt to Reigns, who nails Lesnar in the head. Two-count.
  • Reigns went for a spear with Lesnar not turning around, which was awkward. I’m glad that wasn’t the end of the match, as Lesnar grabbed the ropes.
  • Reigns goes for another and Brock catches him in a Kimura Lock. Heyman helped push the rope closer to Reigns so he could grab it.
  • Reigns is saying “it’s out” (his shoulder) while Heyman is yelling at him to rise up.
  • Lesnar goes for an F5, but Reigns gets out and hits another spear for the win!
  • This was an underwhelming kind of finish, but I’m glad Roman won.

Stay tuned to my live post-show podcast for my full review of the show. Tell us YOUR thoughts on WWE WrestleMania 38 in the comments below!

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