WWE WrestleMania Backlash 2022 Results, Viewing Party & More


Welcome to the live results watch page for WWE WRESTLEMANIA BACKLASH 2022 pay-per-view!

The event is scheduled to start at 7 p.m. ET with the kickoff, followed by the main show starting at 8 p.m.


Follow along here throughout the show for the results of each match as well as my personal thoughts on everything throughout the night down after the separation bar.

Keep refreshing for new updates, check out the quick results at the top of the page for the winners and chat it up with everyone in the comments as the show goes on!

Quick Hits Results:

  • Cody Rhodes defeated Seth Rollins by pinfall.
  • Omos defeated Bobby Lashley by pinfall.
  • Edge defeated AJ Styles by submission.
  • SmackDown Women’s Championship I Quit Match: Ronda Rousey defeated Charlotte Flair (c) to win the title!
  • Madcap Moss defeated Happy Corbin by pinfall.
  • Six-Man Tag Team Match: The Bloodline defeated Drew McIntyre and RK-Bro by pinfall.

Author’s POV, Running Commentary & Thoughts:


  • We’re not off to a good start here with zero matches being announced for the kickoff, nor any changes to the main card to spice it up. This is quite literally going to be a waste of a few hours, isn’t it?
  • Madcap Moss is doing his best to get the crowd behind him already. Smart play.
  • Well that was a whole lot of nothing.

Cody Rhodes vs. Seth Rollins

  • Seth Rollins is even wearing the same outfit from WrestleMania. Is ANYTHING on this card going to be something more than a copy and paste?
  • I’m not a huge fan of someone doing a clothesline and turning their opponent inside out when they’re the same height and build. Give me a bigger guy like Veer Mahaan doing that to a jobber and it makes sense. Seth doing that to Cody…nope.
  • “This is awesome” chant. Good match, but nothing I think you can classify as can’t-miss.
  • Hey, Rollins saw the Cross Rhodes coming based on their previous match and got out of it. Nice touch.
  • Rhodes wins with a roll-up and grabbing the tights. They’re going to do a third match, aren’t they?

Bobby Lashley vs. Omos

  • Slow and lumbering, as expected. Omos is learning, but I’d rather skip to the part of the timeline where his matches are better. Right now, this is feeling like another retread of the last match, but just with MVP causing multiple distractions. I wanted something more than that, but didn’t expect it.
  • Slooooooow.
  • Hopefully, a pin happens soon enough.
  • MVP with another interference and Omos wins by pinfall. Despite his size advantage, he still needed extra help. Why?

AJ Styles vs. Edge

  • Place your bets. Who interferes on Edge’s behalf as the “gotcha” since Damian Priest is banned? I’m hoping for T-Bar.
  • Another solid enough match so far, but in the same position of “But did you need to see it if you already saw the first?” Rematches have that hurdle to jump over.
  • Good ring gear for both guys, by the way.
  • Did not think Edge would just kick out of the Styles Clash like that as if it wasn’t a primary finisher.
  • Damian Priest came out, but didn’t cross the line to officially be ringside, until Finn Balor jumped him from behind. Then, Edge had an assist from a hooded assailant (Rhea Ripley) to push AJ Styles off the turnbuckle. Edge secured the win with a submission where Styles is out.

I Quit Match for the SmackDown Women’s Championship

  • Good ring gear for both. Bad eye makeup for Ronda, as always. I hope this match kicks ass. It needs to.
  • Ouch. That German suplex did not look right.
  • Kendo sticks are so overplayed.
  • What’s more dangerous than one kendo stick? TWO kendo sticks. Ha.
  • Battling into the crowd is a good touch. Keep people invested.
  • Rousey wins with an armbar locking Flair in with a chair.

Happy Corbin vs. Madcap Moss

  • Moss has GOT to get out of those suspenders and drop the Madcap name if we’re ever going to take him seriously.
  • Moss is fired up. He definitely wants to make the most out of this screen time.
  • A sunset flip ends this? Why are the endings to this card even blander than the card itself?

Kayla Braxton says backstage that Flair has suffered a “fracture of…the radius.” Pat McAfee immediately clarifies which part of the arm to avoid how awkward that was.

Six-Man Tag Team Match

  • This would have been a huge deal in 1980-something. A six-man tag with regular members of the roster in 2022 means zilch.
  • It’s a shame this isn’t Winners Take All. Then, this would have mattered.
  • If you’ve never watched wrestling before, you’re probably loving this far more than a more jaded cynic like myself at this point, because this is textbook stuff from decades ago. Reigns looks intimidated to get in the ring with McIntyre for the match, then has to fight him. The more you tease that, the more it matters when they have their title match to come down the line (probably at Hell in a Cell). But for someone like myself, I’m still just feeling like I could have seen this on SmackDown and didn’t need to invest 4 hours in a pay-per-view for what we got.
  • The multi-RKO spot was good. That got a pop out of me.
  • “This is awesome” chant again. Well, WWE got you. Now, they’ll think it’s okay to do pay-per-views with this level of effort.
  • Bloodline wins with Roman pinning Riddle.

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