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AJPW Dream Power Series Results & Match Ratings 3/23/2020

After being on hiatus for about a month, AJPW returns to having fan attended events! There are a few title matches to sort out before...

20 Aesthetically Pleasing Championship Title Belts.

AJPW Triple CrownChampions: Mitsuharu Misawa, Stan Hansen, Kenta Kobashi, Vader. In 1989, the AJPW Triple Crown was formed and represented by three championships, the PWF...

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Akira Tozawa

Birthdate: 07/22/1985
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 156 Ib

Tozawa performs for WWE. He is a former WWE Cruiserweight and multi-time 24/7 Champion. He was trained and worked a twelve-year run in Dragon Gate, where ...