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Atsushi Onita Says The AEW Revolution Botch Drew American Fans To His Promotion

During a recent interview with Tokyo Sports, Atsushi Onita commented on launching his FMW Explosion promotion earlier this year and said the botched finish...

Mick Foley Wants To Referee A Jon Moxley vs. Atsushi Onita Match

During a recent interview, Atsushi Onita teased the possibility of facing Jon Moxley in a future match. WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley saw Onita's...

Atsushi Onita Feels Responsible For The Ending Of AEW’s Exploding Deathmatch

During a recent interview with Fanbyte’s Colette Arrand, deathmatch legend Atsushi Onita commented on the ending of the Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch at AEW...

Joey Janela Wants To Blow Up Atsushi Onita For Good

As we reported earlier this week here on eWn, Atsushi Onita will be launching Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling Explosion. The promotion will focus mainly on...

AEW Invited Atsushi Onita To Attend Sunday’s Revolution Pay-Per-View

According to a report from Yahoo! Japan, AEW invited Atsushi Onita to attend AEW Revolution to witness the barbed wire exploding deathmatch between Jon...
Eric Bischoff

AEW Dark Airing This Saturday On YouTube, Eric Bischoff Appears On Dynamite, More

During the press conference segment featuring Chris Jericho and MJF that aired on AEW Dynamite, multiple wrestling personalities asked Jericho and MJF questions about...

Don’t Try These Promotional Tactics At Home! Vol #3

José González Babyface Push - World Wrestling Council (1989) In 1988, Bruiser Brody was stabbed in the showers of the wrestlers locker room. Tony Atlas...

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