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Bryan Clark Files Trademarks For ‘Adam Bomb’ & ‘Dark Cowboy’

Former WCW and WWE wrestler Bryan Clark (Adam Bomb) has filed a trademark for his old WWE ring name, “Adam Bomb” with the United...

Chris Jericho Files Trademark For “The Wizard”, Bryan Clark Files Trademark & More

According to PWInsider, Chris Jericho has filed a trademark for his new nickname, "The Wizard". The trademark description is described as follows, “Entertainment in the nature...

Bryan Clark Comments On Choosing The Adam Bomb Gimmick Over The Ringmaster Gimmick

During a recent appearance on the "Shining Wizards" podcast, Bryan Clark commented on choosing the Adam Bomb gimmick over Steve Austin’s “Ringmaster” gimmick, and...

Drug Charges Against Bryan “Adam Bomb/Wrath” Clark Dismissed

As we reported back in February of 2020, Bryan "Adam Bomb/Wrath" Clark was arrested and charged with conspiracy, illegal control of enterprise, transporting or...

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