Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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Tyler Breeze & Tony Nese To Make First Post-WWE Appearances This Weekend

-- This weekend, Saturday September 25th, Daily Wrestling welcomes Tony Nese and FKA Tyler Breeze for the very first time!  Their first post-WWE appearances! ...

Drake Wuertz Clarifies Reports Of Backstage Clash With NXT’s Ezra Judge

Speaking in an interview with the "1GimmickWorld" Fireside Chat, Drake Wuertz, the former WWE referee and backstage producer who was released from the WWE...

Scott Dawson Offers to Help Injured Referee to Keep His Passion Alive

As we reported earlier, referee Tom Castor suffered a broken leg while refereeing a match between Velveteen dream and Tyler Breeze at an Omaha...

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Patrick Clark Jr.
Birthdate: 08/19/1995
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 227 Ib

Clark began his professional wrestling career in 2014, when he debuted in the Maryland Championship Wrestling promotion where he trained. During his time there, he won ...