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Jazz Names Her Mt. Rushmore Of Women’s Wrestlers

Former two-time WWE Women's Champion Jazz recently named her Mount Rushmore of female wrestlers. Jazz took part in a K&S WrestleFest virtual signing where she...

Women’s Revolution in Wrestling: Who Deserves the Utmost Credit? Vol. 1

"We say things like 'women's wrestling' and 'women's revolution'. I hope one day it's not 'a good women's match'. I don't want the women's...

Billy Corgan Comments On The Growth Of Women’s Wrestling, Mildred Burke’s NWA Title

During a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Billy Corgan commented on the growth of women's wrestling, getting WWE Hall of Famer Mildred Burke’s NWA...

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William Patrick Corgan Jr.
Birthdate: 03/17/1967
Height: 6'3"
Weight: ???

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