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Monday Nitro

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This Day in Pro Wrestling History – March 26th (VIDEO)

On this day, March 26th, we take a look back to 2001. The day that will forever live in the minds and hearts of...

Moments in Wrestling History: WCW hypes “The Ultimate Warrior” and gives us “The Renegade” instead

For weeks leading up to WCW’s 1995 installment of “Uncensored” we saw Hulk Hogan tease the arrival of “The Ultimate Warrior” to WCW programming,...

“Back in a “Flash”: The Quiet Return of Scott Norton

"Nostalgia"; a word defined by Webster’s dictionary as a “sentimental longing or affection for the past”, yet in the world of professional wrestling, it...

Hornswoggle Returns To WWE, WWE Adds New Monday Nitro Episodes To The WWE Network, GQ/WWE

-- GQ Magazine has a story on how WWE talents stay in shape with their touring schedule. It features comments from Roman Reigns, Cesaro,...
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