Sunday, November 17, 2019
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In-Person Account of Rachael Evers’ Injury at NXT Live Event

As reported over the weekend, Rachel Evers aka Rachael Ellering was one of two NXT superstars who suffered an injury at a live event...

Two Superstars Injured at NXT Live Events

Unfortunately, they were two injuries that occurred tonight at two separate NXT Live Events. SEE ALSO: Roderick Strong Comments on 10 Years of EVOLVE, NXT,...

Rachael Evers Reveals She Was Involved in a Hit and Run

NXT standout Rachael Evers recently revealed that she was the victim of a hit-and-run car accident today. The second generation female Superstar is okay as...

Rachael Ellering Addresses a Fake Twitter Account, More

Rachael Ellering tweeted the following, letting fans know that the “@RachaeIEIIering” Twitter account is a fake. Please note the use of capital “i’s” instead...

Rachael Ellering Works First Official WWE NXT Match

WWE held an NXT live event on Thursday in St. Petersburg, FL at the St. Petersburg Armory. At the show, Rachael Ellering worked her...

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