Thursday, November 30, 2023
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T-BAR Says Booker T Is Safe From RETRIBUTION, Sami Zayn Praises The Reigns/Uso Feud

T-BAR took to Twitter on Saturday night, revealing that Booker T is safe from RETRIBUTION as similar to X-Pac, they like his name. He...

T-BAR Responds To Chris Jericho’s “Huh?” Comment – Details

We reported earlier today here on eWn that RETRIBUTION's T-BAR tried to explain to fans why WWE offered contracts to the faction despite the...

T-Bar Reveals What His Name Means, Says X-Pac Is Safe From Retribution

T-Bar (Dominik Dijakovic) took to Twitter on Thursday, commenting on the meaning of his new name. He also noted that X-Pac would not be...

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Christopher James Dijak
Birthdate: 04/23/1987
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 270 Ib

Dijak began his professional wrestling career in 2013 under the ring name Donovan Dijak, working in several promotions on the independent circuit, most notably for Chaotic ...