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​Recent WWE Attendance #’s + WrestleMania 31 Tickets & More

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter -- There will be a special internet pre-sale on August 16th for WrestleMania 31 tickets. This is the Saturday before...

Superstars Steve Austin Should Return To Wrestle (Part 2)

This week's topic ... Steve Austin Opponents Part 2 5. vs. William Regal – If I only had to pick one more Steve Austin match to...

Superstars Steve Austin Should Return To Wrestle (Part 1)

This week’s topic… Top 5 Potential Steve Austin OpponentsIn this scenario, WWE is bringing Steve Austin back for ONLY FIVE matches. What five opponents...

Sting vs. Undertaker At WrestleMania 31? I Hope So!

WWE recently added an Undertaker vs. Sting "Fantasy Warfare" feature to their official website, which as expected, once again sparked discussion among wrestling fans...

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Steve Borden
Birthdate: 03/20/1959
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 250 Ib

Sting is known for his time spent as the public face of two major professional wrestling promotions: the now-defunct World Championship Wrestling (WCW), which displaced ...