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Bret Hart To Receive Canadian Walk Of Fame Star Next Week, More

A ceremony for Bret Hart's star on the Canadian Walk Of Fame will be taking place on May 26th in Toronto, Canada. There will...

WWE Builds Its History With Lies & You Love Them For It

We all know pro wrestling is built on mythology. More specifically, it’s ability to self-mythologize. Even more specifically; lies. Lies are ingrained in the...

WWE WrestleMania III (On FS1) Viewing Party

From WWE's website, here is the synopsis for tonight's full WrestleMania III broadcast on FS1. "The WWE Universe can relive one of the greatest spectacles...

WWE Hacker’s New Message Delivered At MITB, WrestleMania III Recall

The WWE Hacker made his presence known tonight, as he delivered a new message during the Money in the Bank broadcast. As you may know,...

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Adam Pearce

Birthdate: 06/24/1978
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 241 Ib

He is an American retired professional wrestler who is currently working as a producer and on-screen official for WWE. He is a former five-time NWA ...