Thursday, April 18, 2024


WWE Hacker

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CM Punk Dressed Up As The Hacker on WWE Backstage

CM Punk made his return to WWE Backstage this week and had a little bit of fun, much to the expense of all his...

WWE Hacker’s New Message Delivered At MITB, WrestleMania III Recall

The WWE Hacker made his presence known tonight, as he delivered a new message during the Money in the Bank broadcast. As you may know,...

WWE Hacker Strikes Again, Delivers A Message On SmackDown

As you can see below, WWE's mystery hacker strikes again on Friday Night SmackDown. Check out his chilling message below. Do you believe we...

Interesting Note On WWE Hacker Account – Full Details

WWE’s new Twitter account for the "WWE Hacker" is, in fact, an older Twitter account used for the 2010 "Stand Up For WWE" campaign....
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