Monday, March 25, 2019
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WWE NXT Results and Review of 8/1/13

Welcome back everyone to the weekly NXT results and review. I'm sorry for the delay. Usually they are up on Thursday mornings, but I...

Column: The Wyatt Family Debuts: Should We Run Yet?

“Parents, quit lying to your children, telling them monsters aren’t real! Monsters are real. I, I am real” The Wyatt Family, while they may not...

Column: The Shield vs Wyatts : How WWE Can Give Us Justice

The Shield has been quite popular since their first day on WWE’s main roster. It was a group no one saw coming, even EWN....

Column: Your Nagging Conscience: The Wyatt Family’s Value

"I know you hurt, I hurt too. But you don't have to hurt anymore. What do you think it is that they're gonna do...

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