Now as you may know  or not know, the WWE aka World Wrestling Entertainment has a lot of talent on their roster,  Some aren’t particularly  the greatest and still get TV time  and some are very talented and get no TV time. This leaves us with a growing field of talent that just end up turning into jobbers.So today I decided to bring to you 10 talents ( men and women) in the WWE who are very underrated, for what they can do in the ring.Remember, this list has not been exhausted and you may have some ideas of your own. So let’s get going!!!!

Kofi Kingston

I dropped the BOOM ! on Kofi at number 10 . In all honesty though Kofi Kingston today is nothing more than a extra body that WWE uses whenever they need a babyface highflyer, and someone to put over other guys.For over a year Kofi has had absolutely no direction whatsoever . Kofi Kingston debuted on January 22nd , 2008 on the now extinct ECW brand and picked up a win over a local wrestler. Not too long after Kofi was drafted to the Raw brand.  Hiis debut match was at Night Of Champions 2008 beating Chris Jericho for The InterContinental Championship , becoming WWE’s first Ghanian born champion.After losing his title Kofi was put in a feud with Randy Orton , who was WWE champion at the time . Everyone thought Kofi had enough major face heat to win the title, so at Survivor Series 2009 team Kofi beat Team Orton , with Kofi pinning Orton for the victory. At Raw some months after Kofi Kingston was reported by Orton for “botching” the finish of their match . At that  very moment Kofi was instantly dropped down the card, and became the jobber he is today. They also dropped his fake Jamaican accent gimmick and he has admitted in interviews that he has actually never been to Jamaica , and that his taped vignettes on the beach were in Miami, Florida. So to sum it up Kofi Kingston is a guy who can work and put on an exciting match with pretty much anyone on the roster.Kofi will continue to deliver for years to come.

Zack Ryder

Now this one is a very interesting case,Oh and by the way this is  his new motto ‘’Spike your hair and appear on TV every year’’  in all seriousness that should really be his motto. Zack Ryder who unlike the rest on this list actually doesn’t even appear on TV any more. Unless you want to count him getting squashed by Rusev on Monday Nights , and we all know the match lasts for two minutes. So you may ask, why put Zack over Kofi at number nine ?  Well that’s because he really is VERY underrated, Zack has put on some Pay Per View (PPV) quality matches with John Cena on RAW in 2011. His  best  match to date  was when he won the US title at Table Ladders and Chairs 2011 against Dolph Ziggler , this was  probably  a match of the year candidate.So I really don’t know what WWE will do with  Zack Ryder in the WWE and honestly nothing can  save him now  unless , he manages to get a gimmick change. For the time being  he probably will just keep jobbing out  until somebody actually realises how much talent this guy has. Just like Zack Ryder would say WO WO WO you know It.

Zak ryder

This one  may come as a surprise to you but it really isn’t, Natalya  is a member of the Dungeon ( she trained there). She  probably is  best known for being a Hart , but she CAN wrestle  , the WWE just doesn’t use her properly.Not to long ago she was subjected to a farting gimmick because they had nothing else for her , but seriously a farting gimmick? Couldn’t WWE come up with something better?  She has been largely absent from television and instead is a part of Total Divas . Now Natalya has had her fair share of good moments like winning the Divas Championship, but really I don’t understand why they haven’t put the title on her for over 2 years ,She can put on a good match , and at her age 32 her career is winding down.So an example of her putting on a excellent match you can go  back to 2013 where  she was a challenger for the Divas title , even though she obviously didn’t win it was refreshing to have some good Divas action longer than two minutes.So the WWE seriously need to do something with her amazing amount of talent.

Tyson Kidd

Yes I know it is very ironic that Kidd  is right above his wife , Tyson though deserves the number  one spot on this list . However, Tyson is rejuvenating his career down in NXT , but even so Kidd is still very  underrated.Tyson Kidd much like Natalya is known for being a part of the Hart family  but as he is proving down in NXT he can wrestle and put on an entertaining match an example is his encounters with Adrian Neville . WWE has also  tried several times to recreate Tyson Kidd as a serious guy but it just didn’t work out , but this time Kidd swung and he didn’t miss, he got a home run in the NXT arena .To be fair Kidd wasn’t that relevant after his buddy David Hart Smith got released , he pretty much dropped down the card and did absolutely nothing .