-- The Sin Cara Goteo De Oro T-Shirt featuring the shape of a penis embedded in a gold design that was pulled within hours of being listed on WWEShop.com last week was briefly supplied by WWE's Japan Shop (WWEJapanShop.jp) in very limited quantities. The Japan affiliate mailed out the shirt and one has surfaced on eBay.

-- Lilian Garcia, SmackDown's new, full-time ring announcer, has been added to the SmackDown Superstars page on WWE.com.

-- CM Punk stated Tuesday on Twitter that he was undergoing an X-ray examination today. He wrote, "Heading for X-rays, then gym. Because broke shit don't stop me."

He added, "Soon to be a dirt sheet headline: Punk gets X-rays.

"Going to go jump in a volcano then gym. Because hot lava don't stop me.

"Soon to be dirt sheet headline: Punk jumps into volcano."