For those wondering, we can report that Daniel Bryan is currently penciled in to win the WWE title near the end of the current feud with Randy Orton and Triple H. The end of that feud is still several months away though.

As we reported earlier, Orton vs. D-Bryan is planned for the next few months. WWE is reportedly planning the feud to carry on throughout the fall, with Bryan and Orton facing off at Night of Champions, Battleground, and Hell in a Cell. The plan is to apparently have Orton in the WWE title picture up until the 2014 Royal Rumble.

They are making Daniel Bryan out to be a massive underdog who eventually wins the WWE title and has a decent run with it. This is a classic example of the "underdog" babyface chasing the "main eventer" heel. It's a smart business move with Daniel Bryan "overcoming all the odds" and winning the WWE title at the end of the feud. For those bitching and moaning about Daniel Bryan not getting the WWE title, simply let the storyline play out and you'll be more than happy by the end of the feud. Of course, this is WWE and they change course on a daily basis but that is the current plan.

Stay tuned as we hear more.