-- ROH made the following announcement today…

For the first time ever, the 7-Time former ROH World Tag Team Champions Jay & Mark Briscoe will go up against the combined might of "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards & the ROH World TV Champion Adam Cole! The Briscoes are no strangers to Edwards with Eddie having spent a great deal of time engaged with them during The American Wolves run as a pair, but it is only the second time Cole has faced off with Dem Boys (the first being at "Honor Takes Center Stage Ch. 1").

In addition, while Edwards & Cole have proven themselves a capable duo in the past (most notably at the "10th Anniversary Event"), this is the first time the two men have teamed up in many months while Jay & Mark spend virtually every ROH event competing as a tag team, not to mention their years of experience in the field. Despite those fact, Eddie Edwards remains unphased heading into this tag team challenge...

"I know Jay and Mark well." said Edwards to ROHWrestling.com, "It's that kind of knowledge you only get when you've gone to war either against somebody or at their side. I have stood toe-to-toe with the Briscoes as we all gave everything we had for the right to either be called, or remain, champions and I have seen them as friends traveling the road together. I have seen every side of Dem Boys, I have seen the same of Adam Cole, and that is why I can go into Rahway with the utmost confidence that Adam and I...we will be walking out with our hands raised in victory. It will be a sweet feeling to come home from NOAH and head straight into that fight. And I'm kind of hoping Jay and Mark make it even sweeter by actually winning the tag team titles in Chicago Ridge. Becoming a champion again, now that would be a sweet homecoming."

As noted yesterday in the Newswire, Eddie will be spending September in Pro Wrestling NOAH competing alongside Bobby Fish as part of the GHC Jr. Heavyweight Tag League before returning to ROH in October. Also as Eddie mentioned it there, and it is a situation ROH officials will address should it arise, there is certainly the potential for Jay & Mark to roll into New Jersey as the new ROH World Tag Team Champions depending on how the Tag Team Title Tournament that starts this weekend on "Ring of Honor Wrestling" TV unfolds over the next few weeks. A Tag Team Title match has been promised to Rahway after all and you could be looking at said match right here!

It's Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. Eddie Edwards & Adam Cole in a 1st Time Ever Tag Team Encounter and it goes down on October 6th! There's a potential tag title situation brewing in this one when we make our debut at the Rahway Recreation Center in Rahway, NJ! This is just the first of many big matches coming your way, so keep an eye on ROHWrestling.com for more news as it comes!

-- For those who missed it yesterday, ROH sent out the following yesterday:

The Ring Of Honor Dojo, under head trainer DELIRIOUS, will be starting new classes during the week of October 22nd, 2012. Located in Bristol, PA (close to both I-95 and the PA turnpike), only 20 minutes outside of Philadelphia, the school has been in operation since 2004, and is a facility that includes a full size 18 foot ring, weight lifting equipment, as well as an extensive video library, and other numerous resources at your disposal.

The school is for people with all levels of experience in professional wrestling. From those with absolutely no experience looking to break in to those with previous wrestling experience looking to hone their skills, the ROH Dojo will help you to learn everything you need to know in order to start, or enhance, your wrestling career. The school is open to wrestlers (both male and female), as well as referees, managers, and valets of all shapes and sizes.

Please be aware that each student is different and the length of your individual training will likely vary. Some students may advance more rapidly than others while some will advance more slowly; what's most important is that you invest your time, energy, and your patience to get the most out of the program.

Some of the things your training will cover include:

-Emphasis on the fundamentals


-Conditioning and weight training

-Ring psychology

-Development of timing and positioning

-Continuous evaluation

-Advice on character development

-Assistance with promos



The cost for the ROH Dojo is as follows:

$900 down payment on...