Craig Hlavaty, a writer for the Houston Press, has posted an article discussing his experience as a "seat filler" for the 20th anniversary episode of RAW last week. A "seat filler" is one of the fans who get moved into the empty seats on the hard camera side so that the arena doesn't appear to have gaps in it on TV.

Hlavaty wrote, "After waiting about an hour, we were briefed by a staffer named Steve, whose role it is with the show to make sure seats don't look empty for the folks at home....I did get some sweet seat fillin' action during the Divas match, where Kaitlyn and Eve duked it out. Apparently some fans didn't wanna watch two chicks fight it out and I got to become a red, bald pixel behind two chicks in spandex. Story of my life."

He added, "Other than a few movements earlier in the evening, I didn't move much, if at all. Seat fillers get great seats, however transient, and get to see all the action."

You can read the full article by clicking here.