The Rock’s Super Bowl Commercial, New WWE Lawsuit


— The Rock posted a three-snapshot photo from his new Super Bowl commercial promoting milk on his official Twitter account. The caption reads: “The most dangerous Super Bowl commercial of all time! Real lions. Real jammies. #GotMilk #SB47.” You can click here to view a preview photo of the commercial.

— Australia based is featuring an interview with WWE star Dolph Ziggler where he talks about life on the road as a WWE star including trips overseas. Ziggler talks at length about what he carries at all times adding, “I keep the mandatory stuff with me by carrying it with me. I’ve got my boots, my trunks, and that Money In The Bank contract no matter what. But everything else is in my luggage — anything you can think of. Extra underwear, extra socks, clothes, tanner, toothpaste, I’ve had it lost before overseas. It’s a real bummer.” To check out the full interview, click here.

— WWE has filed a lawsuit against Philippines-based media company Solar Entertainment Corp. over money owed to the company for television and Pay Per View broadcasting rights. The lawsuit was filed on 1/25.

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