10 Moments of “Royal Rumble”


10) Randy Orton wins the Rumble


As “The Viper” stood posing under the fireworks I tasted that familiar bad taste in my mouth. It was Batista all over again, or so it felt, yet WWE was forced to course correct that decision into a Daniel Bryan title reign just weeks later at Wrestelmania, so why not a similar circumstance here? Who is the projected opponent that will challenge Randy at Wrestlemania? Surely we won’t be privy to yet another Randy vs Cena contest, though at this point, I feel like even the most nonsensical scenario that would piss off the fans is now within the realm of possibility. If they stay true to the current story, it looks like Bray Wyatt could finally get his moment.

Overall, the Royal Rumble pay per view was delivering big until it’s all too familiar faux pas in the rumble match itself. It is a shame that a few small mishaps can rain on such an amazing night. Here’s to hoping for a something better going into Wrestlemania season. Until then, we will all be cringing, waiting for Roman’s music to hit and ruin any little shred of hope we have for something better or something new. Be sure you follow me @NicholasGrooms on twitter for more stories and articles.

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