5 Things We Learned From SmackDown 11/20/18


WWE Mimicking Becky Lynch – WWE found success when they made Becky Lynch more of a no-nonsense competitor a few months ago, and it worked so thoroughly that they are now seemingly attempting this method with Charlotte Flair. Every chance they get, they are having Charlotte praise Becky and pretty much having her go down the same route – she’s taking crap from no one, she’s cocky, she’s showing no remorse and she’s being unpredictable, in a sense. Obviously Charlotte is WWE’s chosen one as far as the women’s division goes and they witnessed the success that came Becky’s way so they are now trying their luck with their handpicked star, Charlotte Flair. Tonight was a great example – after defeating Billie Kay cleanly and winning by disqualification against Peyton Royce, she single handedly took out the Iconics post-match and looked dominant in the process. Charlotte is evidently good in her own right, and by no means needs to follow Becky’s footsteps, but it’s pretty clear that’s what the company is doing.

The Miz Is Sucking Up – Could Shane McMahon be rewarding The Miz a WWE Title shot in the near future? It looks like that is what the latter is hoping for. As far as I can see, WWE is going a weird direction with Miz – he’s now constantly sucking up to the authority figures, Shane McMahon specifically. I don’t see another reason why other than because he wants a shot at the world title. And in the midst of the rumours of Shane turning heel, I can see Shane eventually giving into Miz and granting him an opportunity at the title. On tonight’s edition of Miz TV, Shane was the guest and Miz for some strange reason wanted to be tag partners. They would indeed team together (kind of) against two local competitors and Miz would ultimately be rolled up and lose the match. Hard to say what’s next in this whole situation. If their ultimate intention isn’t a WWE Championship shot though, then I don’t really see a point in continuing this storyline. 

Lars Sullivan Is Coming Soon – A vignette for NXT Superstar Lars Sullivan was shown midway through tonight’s episode. In other words, the next Mojo Rawley as soon as he hits the main roster. That’s just my opinion.  Perhaps, he’s a future United States Champion for all we know. Not like that’s anything worthy of attention nowadays, but hey, it’s a championship, I guess. 

The New Daniel Bryan – Daniel Bryan attacked AJ Styles last week after defeating him for the WWE Championship and tonight he explained his actions. He said the fans never supported his efforts to return to the ring, he said it was only himself who cared, and he never gave up on his dreams, unlike the WWE universe. You know, the usual belittling of fans after a heel turn. He said he took those dreams and kicked AJ Styles in the balls and then he thanked Brock Lesnar for beating the old Daniel Bryan out of him. He referred to himself in third person throughout the entire promo ending by claiming the “old Daniel Bryan” is dead, the “#YesMovement” is dead and the “new Daniel Bryan” is alive and well. It was also announced that at TLC he will battle former champion AJ Styles. 

Randy Orton Continues His Venomous Run – Tonight, Orton had a singles match with Rey Mysterio and throughout the match Randy attempted to rip off Rey’s mask. Orton ultimately won the match via an RKO, attacked Rey afterwards and successfully proceeded to take his mask off, humiliating him in front of the fans, before the show went off air. Orton is at his best when he is a heel and Mysterio is a perfect babyface to rally behind, so they mesh well together. Where they go next with this feud, not entirely sure, but I’m enjoying this new (yet old) version of Randy Orton. 

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