5 Things We Learned From SmackDown 12/11/18


Mustafa Ali Main Roster Run Imminent? – Tonight, 205 Live Superstar Mustafa Ali competed against WWE Champion Daniel Bryan. Prior to the match, Bryan did his typical criticizing of the “fickle” fans. He was eventually interrupted by his opponent, Mustafa Ali. Mustafa questioned what got into Daniel Bryan. He said guys like himself used to look up to Bryan as a competitor, whereas now not so much. Bryan then slapped Ali multiple times, until Ali fought back. Their match started and wasn’t that special, your average bout, but I liked the addition of Ali on SmackDown tonight. Bryan won the match, but I think it’s great to have the 205 Live wrestlers mix it up with the main roster stars once in a while. It’s a different dynamic. They should definitely do it more often. Hopefully this opens up more air time and opportunity on SmackDown for talented superstars like Mustafa Ali. 

Daniel Bryan’s Heel Turn Is Surprisingly Working – I’m honestly a bit surprised this Daniel Bryan heel turn has worked as good as it has been. I don’t enjoy the constant “you people” from him, it’s overkill. But other than that, his words have garnered heat and that’s what is important. Bryan was sort of the ultimate babyface in WWE, I could never envision him being booed like he is now, especially after his long awaited return, but he’s getting the job done. Nonetheless, I’m enjoying this heel turn thus far. 

A Chairs Match Was Made Official – We learned tonight that a Chairs Match between Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio will take place this Sunday at the TLC event. If there’s any match that could be without a stipulation, it’s this one or the ridiculous, useless Ladder Match with Elias and Bobby Lashley – a Ladder Match with a guitar hanging above the ring? Laughable. I am fully aware that the company prefers not to have every match on the card with a stipulation attached to it, but surely Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins should get a stipulation if anyone, am I wrong? Makes more sense. Perhaps they are saving the stipulation for another PPV as I’m certain the former Shield members will continue their rivalry following TLC. Anyway, Mysterio and Orton will be having a Chairs Match this Sunday – if you didn’t know that, now you do. You’re welcome.

Miz Is Still Dying For A Friendship With Shane McMahon, But Why? – The Miz continues his mission to become tag team partners with Shane McMahon, for whatever reason. They competed tonight against two local talent once again, but this time picked up the win. I’m still puzzled as to why they are doing this and what their ultimate goal is in the end. I don’t particularly enjoy this story, but they also got me hooked, to an extent, because I’m curious what the climax will be. 

WrestleMania Rematch, Strong Showing From Asuka  – Tonight, Asuka faced Charlotte Flair merely days before their triple threat match with Becky Lynch for the SmackDown Women’s Championship. A brawl ensued at the end of match with all three, in which Asuka came out strong. Now despite the known fact that the loser of the match at a PPV usually looks strong on the go-home show, I think Asuka has a great chance of winning this Sunday. In fact, as I stated in a previous article, I believe Becky is losing the title sometime before the Women’s Royal Rumble Match (with her being my pick to win it), so I will go as far as saying Asuka wins on Sunday. No one really looks as weak losing a match that requires you to climb a ladder to win, as opposed to a normal match, so all three would remain relatively strong. The fact of the matter is, Asuka simply needs the win more than the other two. I wouldn’t quite say she hasn’t been relevant since WrestleMania, but the mystique has worn off a bit, so a win here, a championship win, would help her character. 

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