​Backstage Update – The Issues Between Steve Austin & WWE + Did He Turn Down Tough Enough?


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

As we previously reported, Steve Austin was supposed to appear at WrestleMania 31 in Santa Clara, but didn’t due to an issue with Vince McMahon.

WWE had been planning for Austin to attend the show during the week leading into ‘Mania. He was supposed to fly into San Jose on the same flight as The Undertaker. When the plane landed, Austin wasn’t there. WWE even had someone there to pick him up. They were still hopeful he would arrive eventually.

The issue between Austin and McMahon appears to be over criticism of Austin’s WWE Network podcast. Vince was said to be so angry that one person claimed they’ve never seen him that mad about anything. This could be why Chris Jericho’s podcast is airing on the network now instead.

Meanwhile, WWE wanted Austin to host Tough Enough again but he turned them down for unknown reasons.

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