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Welcome to the first installment of Beyond the Turnbuckle: Pro Wrestling’s Steel Post Report. This report will be a weekly segment that compiles all my opinions on some of the hottest topics in wrestling. It will be a place to understand my logic on various topics, as well as bring up your own viewpoints in the process. I look forward to as many followers as possible joining and making this series a success. Now onto the first segment……

Nia Jax and Braun Strowman Taking Over their Divisions

Let’s face it, these two are monsters and could realistically bury everything in their path if we were convinced this was a real life scenario. They have been both built up to be dominant, but in Nia’s case a triple threat or fatal four way is this only logical way to make a defeat believable. This may be the reason for a rumored match between Sasha, Bayley, Charlotte and Nia at WrestleMania 33.

In Braun’s case, his path was built up in order for him to work on his in-ring confidence and promo abilities. After they allowed him to grow, now the sky may be the limit after the rumored Goldberg era. If there ever were a time to have Brock be a babyface, a feud with Braun is the perfect swan song. The WWE title is in his near future.

Bayley as Champion. Will Sasha Turn Heel?

We all knew Bayley was going to win the title on Raw, but having Sasha finally turn heel would have been fitting too. After Bayley’s hand was raised and Sasha made her way into the ring, WWE had the perfect opportunity and let it go. Consequently, the following week when Steph ran a segment trying to get into Bayley’s head it seemed to me they were setting up a match between her and Sasha. This is something to keep an eye on.

Thinking ahead, this would allow Sasha to take a less strenuous match at WrestleMania, allowing her injury to fully heal while keeping her out of a match with Nia. A month of promos between the Boss and the B#tch may keep the audience interested longer than the match itself.

Bray Wyatt Finally Gets Gold

In one of the most deserving feats since Daniel Bryan, IRS’s golden gem finally captured gold. We all knew Cena’s title reign would be short lived, but the odds were stacked against Bray since AJ has taken most of the spotlight.

Ever since the Wyatt family has stepped into the scene, they have captivated the audience more than anyone of this era. There were questions about how a 3 man team could work in the ring, but after a long thought out process, creative embraced the concept that dates back to The Freebirds and it led to the rise of Bray. His interaction with the audience, fantastic promo skills, and unique personality is finally what the fans have been craving. Now it is just the question of how long he will hold the title for. Hmmm…

Kurt Angle to Return after WrestleMania

It now looks like the Olympic Gold medalist will grace us with his “True” character after WWE’s granddaddy event. When it was announced that Kurt would return to the WWE we all assumed he would be booked for a few matches. However, all wrestlers, past and present need, to pass a rigorous exam to prove they are able to compete. With his injury riddled background, odds were against Kurt being cleared for in-ring action. Even though there are now reports of the suggested results, inserting him into a GM role like Daniel Bryan could be the RAW ratings boost WWE desperately needs. Can you imagine the commentary back and forth with Stephanie if they can recreate past arguments? It could make for some interesting TV.

The Hardy Boys as Free Agents

Now that Broken Brothers of Hardy have expired contracts from TNA, it seems like a return to the WWE is a perfect conclusion to a novel that covers various adventures.  It seems as though a New Japan stint could be in the works first, but this could just be a stepping stone to keep the “Broken” gimmick alive that much longer.

It has been known that Vince isn’t a huge supporter of the act, so carrying it on for as long as it lasts makes sense. It could make a WWE return that more exciting. Let’s just hope Jeff can pass a wellness test. Sure, a low blow, but you know you were thinking it.

Should Goldberg get a Title Run?

This could be one of the most debated topics in this report. As another part time wrestler enters the fray, another full time worker gets the shaft. Obviously this may not be true, but in the world of entertainment perception is everything.

Bill Goldberg’s return has been an exciting rewind of the clock and creative has definitely kept us guessing what time it will be on each preceding day. For example, did anyone feel he would dominate Brock on 2 separate occasions? How many felt he would win the Rumble? These are just a few examples of how his direction continues to be in question.

Looking towards Fastlane and down the road to WrestleMania, it seems logical that a short title run could be in the works. A Jericho run in to cost KO the title would be the ultimate setup for a WrestleMania street fight and give us one last glimpse of the original Y2J before he goes off into the Fozzy atmosphere.

If this scenario plays out, it would seem obvious that Lesnar wins the belt back and could hold it until Summer Slam when Braun could be ready to lead. Either way the story goes, it keeps us guessing every week, while finally relaying to us some unpredictable scenarios that were sorely missed on each particular brand.

Come give me your take and views on these latest developments. Do you agree or disagree? Are your scenarios or views different? If so, how? Either way, let’s make this segment be a bold opinion of the passionate wrestling fan. Until next week…………

***The above article expresses my opinions only. As always, I stand behind my views and am interested to hear yours. I look forward to seeing your comments and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter (@TCutillo23) to get all my updates…………

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