Bring Back the Cruiserweight Title


I’m afraid. There is a big school of thought that sooner or later the united states title and the intercontinental title are going to
become unified. I can understand it, when there was the band split there were
two separate shows with separate mid card divisions and a lot of talent to give
TV time to.

But now, even more so since they unified the heavyweight belts (for
which I am devastated with the new belt and the fact that we’ve lost the big
gold) and taken away the brand split there seems to be too much talent than
what creative teams know what to do with. I can no longer keep up with who is
regarded as mid card and main event material and I haven’t seen a well built feud in ages with all the part timers being
bought in. Sheamus, the miz and Dolph Ziggler are all former “Main” title
champions and now seem to be battling it out for the mid card title which I
hope they re-name the “here every week for fans” title.

But this got me thinking. Looking at the current crop of
which seem to be let down with no purposeful story lines I did come up with an
alternative solution. Why not re introduce the cruiserweight title? I see a lot
of what WWE doing currently sharing similarities to what UFC do with Brock, pre
show panels, stupid workout videos as part of pre match hype of which the
undertaker never needed one, so perhaps separate titles for separate weight
divisions could work.

I can remember watching some awesome matches on Nitro
with high flyers Billy Kidman, Psychosis, Juventud Gurrera and Ultimo Dragon to name a few. Even after WCW and WWF
merged Gregory Helmes, Paul London, Nunzio and X-Pac would put on great matches
with awesome athleticism, skill and showmanship.

So why not re-introduce it? If only there was the talent
that could carry such a division. Hmmmm.

Either currently on WWE programming,
NXT or signed and developing are the following, Adrian Neville, Soloman Crowe,
Kalisto, Prince Devitt, Tyson Kidd, Kofi Kingston, Sin Cara, Xavier Woods,
Tyler Breeze and when he gets back from injury Daniel Bryan. All of these
superstars are under 6” tall, weigh under 210lbs and are a lot better than the ones gone before them. So why not give them a
shot? Kofi Kingston pulls out a memorable moment every Royal Rumble. Xavier
Woods has awesome Mic skills, Tyson Kidd could have a great match with a sofa
and Tyler Breeze could even make me look like I can wrestle. I’m greedy, I’d
love to see one of these matches every week and unless there are changes, not
many of these guys due to their size will be getting a shot at the main title

It’s been seven years since we saw the cruiserweight
title but luckily hornswoggle who last held it is still regarded as a superstar
so it can be bought back within one simple episode of raw. All he has to do is
annoy corporate Kane who could then make a match. Give Adrian Neville his intro
and hey presto a new champ is crowned who then has to prove that he’s a worthy
champ by wrestling all the previously mentioned superstars plus all the other
ones that I haven’t thought of and have weeks of awesome, entertaining matches by superb talent with unique move sets. 

Then I can set my planner to record RAW (I live
in Great Britain) knowing that every week I am going to see at least one match completely different to all the others and wait in anticipation with what new
moves these talented and exciting wrestlers have come up with knowing that the “here
every weekers” have time to build up better rivalries and the part timers can
fight out for the so called “main” title.

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