Does Hulk Hogan Bring Anything To WWE?


Hulk Hogan is no doubt a house hold name, he is the biggest wrestler of all time or if you talk to WWE. The biggest Superstar of all time. Hogan no doubt put the WWE on the map, but does the sixty year old bring anything to WWE now?

Since his last run in WWE which was in 2007. Was it that special? Do you remember what he did when he was here?

If you are wondering, he came in and wrestled Randy Orton at Summerslam of 2006. He gave Randy a decent match, but not an all-time classic. He did not put the younger guy over and was in the middle of the card. It was only a ten minute match. Skip-ahead to the next year where made a return and saved Hornswoggle on the 15th anniversary edition of Raw.

Looking at his last run for WWE, what can we take away from it? Well when he was around seven years ago he was not on the top card. He was almost an afterthought to be honest. Yes he is the “Immortal Hulk Hogan” but his time has come and gone.

No doubt Hogan paved the way for wrestling, as noted he put it on the map. He was a six time WWE champion. He is a Hall of Famer and the greatest of all time.

Everyone has to call it quits in the long run. Some WWE fans don’t even know what TNA is and if they do. Did they watch it when he was around? What can you honestly take away from it? Hogan wrestled a couple of matches in TNA, but nothing great. I can’t even name how many surgeries he has had in his life and still he wants back in the ring is just crazy. There has to be a time where you say to yourself “Okay it’s over”

Hulk Hogan is not the same guy he was ten, fifteen or even twenty years ago. He is in no shape to come back for one more match. Go back and look at his recent matches in TNA. They were not a match, but rather a brawl that had ton of punches by the legend. The man can’t even do his signature leg drop anymore. Do you really think if he can’t do that then he can take a bump?

Even if you are the biggest Hulk Hogan mark out there, be honest with your red and yellow self. It is over, why you would want to see someone do that when it is painful for him to wrestle and to watch him to attempt to do.

With that being said, and ultimately saying he cannot wrestle anymore. Let’s get to the positive part of this piece. What can Hulk Hogan do for WWE?

There are several things he could do for them outside of wrestling. Here are a couple of things I came up with and yes there will be a few that I missed. Here we go, a new documentary of his career, best matches of his career DVD. Special appearances, merchandise, showing up on TV for an in ring promo, getting a guy over like Mick Foley, Shawn Michaels does well in those segments. He could be a special commentator, special guest referee, enforcer and more.

Those are just some of the endless possibilities that he can bring to the WWE. So with that said, yes he brings several things to WWE.

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