eWN’s Round Table Preview of AEW Double or Nothing 2020


Welcome to another edition of eWN Round Table, where we gather some of the most active writers here on eWrestlingNews and share the platform to answer some questions surrounding a centralized topic, upcoming event, etc.

This is meant to showcase the potential for both a wide range of perspectives as well as how sometimes, there can be a group consensus no matter what your viewpoint is, so we also invite all of you to join in on the discussion by answering these questions yourself in the comments section below.

For this particular volume, we’ll be focusing on AEW Double or Nothing 2020.

Participants for this round = Anthony Mango, Ethan Absler and Richard Staple.

1) “What are your thoughts on the TNT Championship idea, the tournament that happened and the finals. Who should win the inaugural title?”

MANGO: Originally, I thought it was stupid. However, the idea’s grown on me considerably. Once I realized they could still call it the TNT Championship even if they went to another network by making it a reference to how the show is called Dynamite, it seemed genius. Haven’t not seen the belt, though, it could be ugly as sin. The tournament’s been okay, but a little weak. I’m really hoping Cody wins this, as it just makes sense, given he isn’t supposed to be challenging for the other title.

ABSLER: Although I have mixed feelings about the actual name of the title, I am a fan of the concept. AEW was definitely in need of another title and crowning the inaugural champion through a tournament has been a classic and captivating way to get a victor. Given that AEW is part Cody’s company, Lance Archer should get the win here. He and Jake Roberts have been booked very well and very strongly and Cody will easily rebound from this loss while Archer may not.

STAPLE: It was all coming sooner or later. Pretty much every major professional wrestling has a world title, women’s title, tag title and a title for the mid-card. I’m not sure if I would name it the TNT Championship anymore I’d name the WWE Intercontinental Championship the FOX Championship. But I’m all for it and it can create more interesting storylines with added incentive.

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