Factions Are The Way Forward! (Part 2)


Hey guys this is K.P. and first of all I’d like to address the comments left from the previous article. I fully understand the concerns about the majority of the men I suggested being dominant powerhouses and I can understand the worry that some most notably Cesaro could be buried. This isn’t a faction that I view lasting forever but one that runs up until about the Royal Rumble or Elimination Chamber before the group disbands and there’s a series of marcher where members face each other at Wrestlemania. This group would be a way to elevate all of the members to the top of the card or to fully reestablish themselves.

There was a noted concern that Gallows/McIntyre is already a lost cause. At this moment in time, after seeing him get beat by a midget bull in the form of El Torito last night I’d have to say that is how it looks. Let’s not forget McIntyre was at one point an intercontinental champion and was even described as the ‘chosen one’. This may have just being a gimmick but that run and the hype WWE created about him shows that McIntyre is capable of being in the spotlight and the company at least at one point were very fond of him. He possessed good in ring talent and I still think there could be redemption for him. Ideally, he’d be rebranded as Gallows simply because of his involvement with that car crash 3MB.


In the last article I did mention having Adrien Neville as part of the group. This is just so the character can become legitimised and gain a fast track into the main event scene as I feel he has the talent to hack it in the big time. He currently works as a face but that is on NXT so there will be fans that haven’t seen that much of Neville so changing him into a heel wouldn’t be overly challenging in my opinion. The inclusion with the group would probably be enough for the fans to view him as a heel. There’s no doubt about the ability of Neville and this group would allow him to showcase his talent and maybe even have a first title if he picks up the IC or US belt after Sheamus or Barrett drops it and he just simply brings it back to the group.

I also stated that I would include Rusev in this particular faction. I stand by this decision as although I know a lot of people aren’t keen on him it seems the WWE are. For this reason I think Rusev will be a ‘main eventer’. We’re yet to see Rusev have a match where he’s actually challenged and hopefully this emerging feud with Big E will reveal a depth of character to Rusev that we as fans are to see. The way the WWE are dressing him up, he seems to be well versed in many different forms of martial arts so I can only hope this is true. He impressed me in the Royal Rumble earlier in the year and hopefully he’ll continue to impress and prove he’s worthy of a main event spot as I actually like the guy and feel he does have potential. I hope he doesn’t make me eat my words.

There were previous comments about Sheamus getting booed on home turf but just to inform you if you were referring to last weeks monday night Raw, Sheamus is from Dublin, Ireland not London, England. There should be no concerns about him being booed anyway as this would be a heel faction.

I previously mentioned about having a diva included in the group. This would most preferably be WWE Divas champion Paige. I don’t personally believe Paige would be held back by this group although I can see why some may think otherwise. I see it as if this particular group clashed with Evolution there’s the potential for her to feud with Stephanie. I’d also have on screen relationship occurring between her and BNB as at the same time he could be squaring off against HHH and it could be viewed as the battle of the power couples. If they ever encountered Bryan, she could feud with Brie. Let’s not forget, if she was to remain champion, this would guarantee competition from whoever was the no. 1 contender at the time so she’d be guaranteed in-ring action.

Overall, I do believe this faction is a good idea. It would help elevate the prestige of the mid-card titles which are currently held by men I would include in this faction. It would also shoot these men into the main event, (in the case of Rusev and Neville) consolidate their status as big time players (in the case of Cesaro, Barrett and Sheamus) or in the case of McIntyre reignite a very much flailing career. Anyway thanks for reading guys and all comments and opinions appreciated and expect another article this time based on another faction I think could go far.  

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