Fans can forgive The Rock, but can’t forgive Batista


Let’s say The Rock as the winner of this year’s Royal Rumble, I doubt that anyone would’ve been so ‘pissed off omg’ if it happened. The thing is, what people forget about The Rock, they can not forgive Batista. The Rock comes back and gets two WrestleMania main events and a WWE Championship match. I didn’t see anything complaining about that. 

But Batista coming back. Boy, did it piss off a lot of people, and he practically was getting the same thing, except the WWE Championship, and everyone seemed to jump on the bandwagon. He got flamed, blamed, hated, degraded, laughed at, booed at, you name it. And he practically did the same damn thing. He came back and got a WrestleMania main event.

So, why is that, that The Rock can do whatever he feels like it and people with ‘forget’ and ‘forgive’ him for that, but Batista doing the same is suddenly so blasphemy?!

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