Five WWE Wrestlers I Can’t Care For.


Over the years I have seen many amazing wrestlers. Those who could spark emotion, those who could impress, those who made us watch in awe of their ability. Then you had the duds. You had the completely hopeless, the completely useless, and the downright overrated.

Sometimes the fans see their lack of talent, but the company decides to ram the wrestler down our throats until we choke. Then they wonder why we don’t care for that wrestler anymore, or even less than we did before. Politics, having a certain look, or just being a victim of consistently bad booking, are the usual causes of this. It’s sad when companies just don’t understand what we want, or the wrestler themselves can’t adapt to what we want.

And yes, this is my own list, I didn’t ask anyone on Facebook about this (I made Top # Lists using results from the EWN Facebook page). This is my own personal list, and if you are offended by any of the choices, then you are offended, and you can let everyone on the internet know of your disgust with me. Without any further delay, let’s begin this list.

#5 Kane

I’m sorry Kane, but you are no longer relevant. The last time I enjoyed Kane was during the times of Team Hell No. Daniel Bryan and Kane had natural chemistry, and Kane helped to put Bryan over. That was some solid work from Kane, but what has he done since then? Nothing.

The life of Kane: 

– Debut as a monster who doesn’t talk, all he does is destroy.

– Use a voicebox to talk. Use Bearer as a mouthpiece.

– Be a monster, setting wrestlers on fire, dominating Royal Rumbles, forming tag teams like Brothers of Destruction, keeping the mystery of who he is, and what he looks like.

– Unmasking, becoming somewhat relevant again after some mediocrity, but ultimately leading to the downfall of the Kane character in general.

– Put the mask on again many years later, becomes relevant again for a couple of weeks, until he turns babyface instead of the monster everyone was expecting.

– Take the mask off again, put on a suit, destroy the whole image of Kane in one easy (and boring) step. Be nothing more than a minion for The Authority.

– Remask once again, fans never really caring because we know he won’t become the monster again.

– Unmask once again, at this point … who really cares? He should just retire and call himself Glenn Jacobs.

Don’t get me wrong, I have always been a big fan of Kane since I started watching back in the Attitude Era, but over the years, WWE gradually killed the character. WWE should literally bury Kane and put an end to it now, you can’t really call Glenn Jacobs “Kane” anymore. There is nothing left of Kane.

#4 The Great Khali

There are only two reasons the WWE keeps The Great Khali around. 1) He’s big, and 2) He’s Indian.

That’s it! He was somewhat relevant for a short time when The Undertaker put him over and he won the World Heavyweight Championship, but the booking of Khali absolutely destroyed any credibility he had. He went from defeating everyone, to jobbing on a consistent basis. He can’t talk, he has no charisma, he can barely walk. He never does wrestling moves, he has no gimmicks, and the Punjabi Prison match was clearly a dud after WWE pulled Khali out of his own match. 

In the 1970’s and 1980’s, Khali could have been a top heel like Andre the Giant, but even Andre was able to move around and wrestle. Khali looks like he should be on crutches 24/7. After all these years, he still has trouble with English, and no one has bothered to teach him how to wrestle. Could you imagine a suplex from Khali? It would be amazing! Just think of the height! But no … he will walk slowly up to his opponents, nicely placing the side of his hand on the top of his opponents head … and down they go, selling it like they had been smashed full force in the face with a frying pan. 

He is there for Indian fans, who don’t really care whether he can wrestle or not, they just love him because he’s probably the biggest Indian on the planet. They can enjoy it, while wrestling fans who can see his clear lack of talent and mobility, can do nothing else but endure.

#3 The Miz

Oh god … I am getting more angry the further I get with this. The Miz is one of the fakest “wrestlers” of all time. The thing with The Miz is … coming from a reality program, he was shown little respect from other wrestlers as he had not paid his dues. He was brought into wrestling because of the way he looks, and not down to the way he wrestles. Whenever I look at The Miz, even after all these years, I just don’t see him as a wrestler, he is a reality star, and I really don’t care for reality TV.

Yes, The Miz improved a lot over the years, but he is still behind the curve. Fans still chant “You can’t wrestle” during a Miz vs Ziggler match, and we all know Ziggler can wrestle. The Miz has never had a great match in his career. He has had some surprising victories, even defeating John Cena at Wrestlemania, but it was still one of the worst main events in Wrestlemania history. The MIz as WWE Champion devalued the championship. 

The Miz never sounds genuine. You never feel like Mike Mizanin is putting some of his own personality into The Miz, you never feel like his promos come from the heart. They only come from memorizing the lines. The Miz has impressed me … hardly ever? I know there were some moments, but I can’t remember them. Ohhh! I remember! There was only one moment in time that I was impressed by The Miz, and that was when he formed with R-Truth to feud with The Rock and John Cena. R-Truth and The Miz melded together like a real tag team, and they were actually entertaining together. No idea if R-Truth was the true brains behind the operation, but i’m sure The Miz contributed some ideas. I have not cared for The Miz since they split up.

And no .. it’s not like … “you’re supposed to hate him, he’s a heel!”, it’s more like “Oh .. a match with The Miz, i’ll just turn my head away from the television and do something else until it’s finished”. He doesn’t have heel heat, he has “I don’t give a flying %£$& if he’s on my screen” heat. It’s not good. He doesn’t get much of a reaction, whether he is a face or a heel. In fact, I cared about him even less as a face, he had no idea how to get the crowd firmly behind him. It’s sad when I want to watch someone like Ziggler have a decent match, but WWE put him up against The Miz. Even Ziggler can’t save that match. Sorry Ziggy, but The Miz can’t work, which means the only thing of any value in the match is the selling by Ziggler.

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