how to make wwe better? you choose how


Hello readers today I’m gonna give you guy’s something to ponder about and be able to let you guy’s control what happens. With WWE going down hill in recents months I’m gonna let you guy’s choose how WWE played out and make it more interesting. So a few rules to this 

1st: you have to use the wrestlers currently on the roster.

2nd: it has to be between now – Daniel Bryan’s injury.

3rd: can’t switch rosters with other era’s 

4th: you can choose what fueds you want, title you want on who, and overall try and make the show more interesting.

You guy can come up with some really great stuff and i would love to hear you guy’s voice your Insight let me know in the comments below what you guys would do to make Monday Night Raw better the it currently is. So show me what you guys come up with thanks for reading

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