Inevitable Encounters for a Wrestling Fan


Growing up as a wrestling fan, you encounter many interesting scenarios and events. You live and you learn, and as a wrestling fan these life lessons differ quite alot to the average Joe…


Let’s start off with a bang. EVERY wrestling fan alive or dead knows the horrible feeling of disappointment. Whilst the other kids would be upset at the idea of not getting the latest games console, you would console yourself because your favourite star has come up short in the Rumble match. Nowadays, disappointment seems to be growing in popularity, and countless times are us fans mumbling profanities to ourselves at the often obscure booking decisions.


“Wrestling’s fake” is quite possibly the phrase I’ve heard most frequently in my life to this date. Numerous arguments and timeless debates have followed, and I’m confident other fans have also encountered this fate. The stress that comes with being a wrestling fan due to idiotic bystanders commenting on the ‘ketchup blood’ or ‘mattress ring’ is something we will all just have to deal with until the end of time.


The incredible feeling of nostalgia that occurs when you see a hyped return of your favourite wrestler, or if two older stars square off in the ring once again. Today kids are so blinded by contemporary subjects and topics that they forget about timely events that may be more interesting. Sometimes, there is nothing better than adding some nostalgia to a wrestling event, and it ALWAYS draws.

‘Marking Out’

Another brilliant perk of being a wrestling fan is the unpredictability (in most cases) of the events. When a return occurs or the underdog overcomes the odds it is always the case that the crowd will show there excitement, through a bombardment of cheers and praise. With the Royal Rumble coming closer, I’m expecting many more mark-out moments and like other fans, will be waiting with anticipation.


Despite constant complaints on social media or forums, many wrestling fan are extremely proud individuals. We pride ourselves on following something so religiously, and displaying our thoughts and opinions on such events. We defend the product we criticise so bad, and we stick up for the wrestlers and fans alike. We are and will always be very proud people.

Thanks for reading!

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