​Jim Ross Posts New Blog On Bram’s Arrest, Sarah ‘Sarita’ Stock Signing With WWE, Hogan’s Comments


Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry, here are the highlights…

On Hulk Hogan Looking For Forgiveness: I missed the Hulk Hogan on ABC appearance Monday morning and it will be interesting to see the fallout or lack thereof will be on this matter as the week progresses. I’ve never considered Hogan a racist but obviously his choice of words is unacceptable in any environment. Hopefully, his public will forgive him and he can get on with the business of being “The Hulkster” and earning a living of which everyone has the right to do. Forgiveness isn’t a foreign term and can still be done in today’s cynical world if the individual seeking forgiveness is sincere and I have every reason to believe that Hogan is sincere as his rant was embarrassing and humiliating with the ability to completely wreck one’s career.


On Bram’s Arrest: Sad to hear that TNA’s now suspended Bram has been arrested on two, felony counts of domestic battery in Florida. It might be challenging for the Brit to keep his credentials to stay in the USA under these circumstances considering that he has an existing arrest record that prompted him to get released by WWE. The entire matter is unfortunate as Bram aka Thomas Latimer is a solid talent who I thought had a significant upside when I first saw him in WWE developmental. I’d be shocked if TNA retained his services if these charges are validated. Plus, one has to feel empathy for the alleged victim.

On Sarah Stock Possibly Heading to WWE: Expect former CMLL star Sarita, Sarah Stock, to be a coach in NXT. She’s a really solid wrestler who should make a good teacher/mentor for her students. We wish her the best. She was also a Bells palsy victim a few years ago.

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