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This is a rundown of 1991 for the WWE based on wins and losses for televised matches. If you like my articles, please feel free to share your comments or ideas for future articles.

Virgil 24-3

Most people remember Virgil as a “jobber” or the sad wrestler sitting by himself with no fans at an autograph session. I remember him though, for his remarkable run in 1991. For almost 4 years, Virgil had been the bodyguard for The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase, he rarely ever spoke, and usually took a beating on DiBiase’s behalf. But at the 1991 Royal Rumble, Virgil had had enough of being a bodyguard. He stood up for himself and knocked out DiBiase. Virgil would be a huge fan favorite that year, as he “trained” with Rowdy Roddy Piper to feud with DiBiase. They had a very entertaining feud, which included matches at WrestleMania 7, and Virgil winning the Million Dollar Title from DiBiase at SummerSlam. Virgil was however demoted to enhancement talent by the end of the year. He never really got a fair shot at being a star, his only real feud was with Dibiase and it got him over, but WWE never moved forward from that.

The Texas Tornado 39-0

Kerry Von Erich won the I.C title in 1990, and had a nice feud with Mr. Perfect, after that he did basically nothing. He was a staple of SuperStars and went undefeated, but never faced anyone above the mid-card or feuded with anyone. I still have no idea why. He got over with the crowd, despite basically looking like the Ultimate Warrior with no paint. And he could entertaining matches, with anyone. It may have had something to do with his drug problem, but WWE dropped the ball with Von Erich. He had the look, and skill to be a main eventer.

The Legion of Doom 25-0-1

For the first 2 years that LOD were with the WWE, they only wrestled tag team matches, and were undefeated in both years. They dominated the tag team division and were among the top faces, and sold a ton of merchandise. Hawk and Animal beat every heel team the E had at that point. And had a great feud with the Nasty Boys with them getting the belts at SummerSlam. LOD were then saddled with one of WWE’s horrible ideas in 1992. WWE wanted as much kid friendly characters as possible, so they gave them Rocco, a  ventriloquist dummy as their sidekick. It totally ruined the appeal of this dominating tag team. Not that it mattered as Hawk was fired from the company shortly after for going AWOL in London.

Bret the Hitman Hart 35-3-3

Bret Hart was on the cusp of singles stardom when 1991 began. He was poised for a hard push after him and The Anvil would drop the tag titles at WM 7 to the Nasty Boys. Bret would go on to win the I.C. title from Perfect at SummerSlam, and would be featured heavily on t.v. throughout the year. The WWE saw that Bret could work better matches then current main eventers like Hogan and Warrior, and still got as over and sold as much merch. The WWE had their star for the “New Generation” pegged.

The Mountie 29-2-3

The Mountie was always a very underrated star in the WWE, and his run in 1991 that carried him to a I.C. title win 1992 was proof of that. He was one of the most hated heels of that year. He just had a way of getting under the fan’s skin. His feud with The Big Bossman was gold, and their “Jailhouse” match at SummerSlam was a classic. The Mountie should have had a longer singles run before he was turned back into a tag team wrestler with Pierre. 

The Undertaker 36-1

The Undertaker was dominate through his first full year with the WWE. His only televised loss on American t.v. was when he dropped the World Title back to Hogan at Tuesday in Texas. And it wasn’t a clean loss. He did lose to Tito Santana on the WWE’s Spanish language program as well, and that was also not a clean loss. The WWE saw money in Taker, and his title win at Survivor Series was just a way to add more heat to his character, and to eventually get the gold on Ric Flair. But it backfired and despite fans being truly scared of the Undertaker, they forced WWE to turn him face a couple months later. Honestly Taker should have feuded with Flair over the title, but he really didn’t need the gold to get over, as evidence by the fact that he wouldn’t win the title again for almost 6 years.

Shawn Michaels 23-7-1

For most of 1991, Michaels was still apart of The Rockers. They were beginning to dwindle in popularity as were most teams when LOD came in. After a singles match with Flair, the WWE knew that Michaels was the bigger potential star of the team, and would be a perfect pretty boy heel. The turn was made in December, when Michaels infamously attacked and injured Janetty on the Barber Shop.

Ric Flair 11-0-1

Flair came in near the end of 1991, and feuded with Piper til the end of year. They teased it many times, but for the life of me, I can never understand why Flair and Hogan did not happen. Flair was the “real world’s champion” as he was billed and promoted by Bobby The Brain Heenan. And Hogan was the champ, the feud would have been huge and made a ton of money, but WWE didn’t pull the trigger on the golden opportunity. Flair, Heenan, and Perfect were an absolutely amazing heel group during this time, it was something that should have lasted longer, but of course Flair never wanted to leave WCW in the first place, and went back at the first chance he had.

The British Bulldog 42-3-4

The British Bulldog worked the most televised matches in 1991, he didn’t really have any big feuds, his only real one was with The Warlord. Bulldog was pushed hard, as he had the look, and in ring ability to carry good matches. Plus WWE was looking to branch out into the European market and wanted Bulldog to be the face of the company in England. WWE even had The Battle Royal at Albert Hall in 91. It was a ppv type card in England, that was shown live on Sky Sports in the UK. The Bulldog won the battle royal in the main event. 

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