Oh You Didn’t Know?- The Greatest Unknown Wrestling Stories: Episode One


Before embarking on the first installment of Oh You Didn’t Know, I would like to announce that this is a new series that I would love to bring to eWrestlingNews. The series will consist of short installments which revolve around the most amazing, unusual, unbelievable, but completely true stories that you probably didn’t know, from the world of professional wrestling!

What kind of series would this be if a road story didn’t kick us off? Leave it to the Steiner Brothers, Sting, Paul Heyman, Fatu, and Sama to blow your minds!


It’s a 100% guarantee if you’re a professional wrestler, that you will find yourself in a car for hours on end. That’s why wrestlers travel with each other and come up with ways to entertain themselves. However, entertainment is the wrong word for this stunt. Sting and the Steiner Bros traveled together in the late 80s, and were the most infamous trio in the locker room. They loved leaving the arenas at the same time as other wrestlers, to drive next to them on the highway and taunt them.


The taunting didn’t stop at funny faces and middle fingers. Sting, the driver of the car, would speed down the highway at 80 MPH, as Scott would open his window and hold his brother Rick outside. Rick would expel most of his body from the car- all of it except his legs in fact- and reach for the door handle of the car next to them. Rick would rip open the door of the wrestler’s car next to him, and grab the horrified, unexpected performer before eventually letting him go and speeding away.

If officials knew about this, the three WCW icons would have been in serious trouble.

It seems as if Sting and the Steiners were infamous in the locker room for this daring and risky act, as fellow superstars would lock their doors or take alternate routs to get revenge or just be safe. Well, one night in 1989, Paul Heyman was traveling with the Samoam Swat Team and knew all about the trio’s antics. He locked his doors, apparently the first traveler to do so.

Upon the arrival of the Steiners and Sting, Samu and Fatu told Paul to drive faster. Sting accelerated too, quickly catching up. Eventually, Rick launched his body out of the window, and grabbed onto the car door of his peers. Don’t forget these cars are moving at deadly speed on a highway in the middle of the night. When the door didn’t open, the Steiners and Sting actually got angry. Very angry. Sting switched seats with Scott, and they pulled up in front of Heyman’s car. Sting leaned out the window and threw things across the highway at Paul and company. Rumor has it, Sting even threw a watermelon, which exploded upon contact with the car.


As seen above, the Samoan Swat team doesn’t seem like a pair that would take kindly to this. Apparently, the team exited the highway and pulled into a gas station. They bought everything they could that could be easily thrown, including water bottles, apples, and books.

Heyman got back onto the highway and sped until they found Sting’s car. Samu and Fatu flung foreign objects at Sting’s car, before the Steiners fired back with foreign objects of their own.

We aren’t quite sure to this day if either side was truly angry with one another, but eventually Sting’s car sped up, and the war was over.

When Heyman returned the rental car to the dealership, it was proclaimed “totaled”. To this day, Paul Heyman is still not allowed to rent a car in North Carolina. The Steiner’s and Sting were declared the immortal winners of the battle, as their foreign objects obliterated and destroyed Paul’s rental car.

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