Preview of WrestleMania 30


Tomorrow, April
6, 2014, is when World Wrestling Entertainment goes live with
WrestleMania 30, the granddaddy stage of professional wrestling and
sports entertainment.

At the first ever WrestleMania, the world
saw the “Immortal” Hulk Hogan body-slam the late Andre the Giant in a
$15,000 Body Slam Challenge. This year, 2014, we will be seeing current
WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton will be defending his gold
against former Evolution member, returning after a 4 year absence, Dave
Bautista. A lot of fans are saying Batista doesn’t deserve it because of
the fact that he didn’t quite earn his spot at the major event like
other wrestlers would, but what some kind of fail to realize is when
they ask for pure controversy, Vince McMahon will give but often in ways
many will not like it…so far, he’s doing just that.


Not only
will we be witnessing Randy Orton defend it against Batista, we could
very well be seeing him defend it against WWE COO Triple H if he manages
to do what he has said he’s set out to do, end the “YES! Movement” of
Daniel Bryan. However, despite all of the walls thrown at Bryan over the
last several months, Daniel continues to defy the reason why he
deserves to be World Champion even though “The Authority” continues to
‘bury’ him on LIVE TV claiming he’s not what they want in a champion,
let alone the face of their company.

Speaking of company faces,
John Cena, the man who has held over 13 WWE Championships throughout his
career will be taking on the “eater of worlds”, Bray Wyatt, in a match
that’s being labeled as a “Legacy Threatening Match.” Wyatt has targeted
John since the Elimination Chamber PPV claiming that John is nothing
but a fake face that he’s been set out to expose and destroy, destroying
a legacy that John has taken 10 years to build up….only to possibly
have it taken away at WrestleMania 30 if John chooses not to ‘follow the

Those same buzzards Bray Wyatt attempted to have
“Corporate” Kane follow last year. Kane, who many wrestling fans…well,
A LOT of wrestling fans are saying that the Big Red Monster sold out
only to receive a chance as Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have

“Corporate” Kane will be teaming up with the New Age
Outlaws to possibly fight off the trio that has nearly dominated WWE
since arriving at Survivor Series 2012, The Shield! The week  that ended
March 2014 was the same week that we all witnessed The Shield be
outnumbered and dominated for the very first time since arriving. If
that doesn’t send you into some sort of panic that they have finally met
their match, watch and see along with the rest of the world to see what
happens at WrestleMania.

Since we’re talking about being
outnumbered, current WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee will be defending her
Championship against not only 1 Diva, not 2, but over a dozen in what is
called the “Vickie Guerrero Divas Championship Invitational”. When I
say outnumbered, she doesn’t have to be pinned to actually lose her
title, even her ‘bodyguard’ Tamina Snuka, who is also in the brawl,
could win the championship by pinning either AJ herself, Layla, or any
other Diva in the match.

No more talk, there is a packed card for
the 30th anniversary of WrestleMania. Tune into WWE Network or on cable
TV to see what goes down!

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