Quick Takes on Zelina Vega’s Return, Velveteen Dream, WWE Evil & More


Welcome back to another round of Quick Takes—a post that indulges in the topics that aren’t worth dedicating a full article to, but are still on my mind.

Each week, I try to cram in as many smaller talking points as I can via a speedier process, and I invite you to chime in with your own thoughts about these topics and anything else by keeping the discussion going in the comments below! Drop some more talking points in there for everyone to chat it up about, too!

Without further ado, let’s get into this week’s topics.

WWE Evil Hosted by John Cena

A new show is coming to Peacock revolving around the biggest villains in WWE history. For some reason, it’s being hosted by John Cena.

Without seeing any test footage or anything, I’d say that I like the concept of this type of show. I’d watch something that dives deeper into the psychology of heel wrestling and the dynamics between what makes a great villain, versus a good villain.

Whole episodes could dive into just the overarching types, too. You’ve got the chicken shit heel types, the arrogant cocky douchebags like The Miz, the monsters like Vader, manipulative authority figures like Vince McMahon, the cool heels who turn babyface by default like Stone Cold, etc.

The fact it’s hosted by John Cena is intriguing. Maybe it’s just a gig and there’s nothing to read into. But maybe it’s also supposed to be an acknowledgment that he never turned heel like we all wanted him to.

I’ll be checking it out for sure. At the very least, it’s worth giving one episode to watch, right?

Zelina Vega Returning to WWE; Managing Simone Johnson

While I won’t believe anything until I see it, supposedly, Zelina Vega has re-signed with WWE. Perhaps even more intriguing, she’s been spotted filming something with Simone Johnson, aka The Rock’s daughter.

There’s a connection there. Vega played AJ Lee in the Paige biopic Fighting With My Family that The Rock was a producer for. My guess is Vega and Johnson got along well enough that this sparked this idea.

To be honest, part of me was really hoping she’d go to AEW and help out that women’s division, which could always use another veteran who is still young, like Vega. However, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t even happier she’s back in WWE.

Vega’s a great talker and would be a great manager for Johnson, who I’d imagine doesn’t have her father’s charisma quite yet and possibly will never develop those skills. We haven’t seen anything from her yet, so maybe that’s not fair, but it’s likely.

Vega back in the mix on any brand is a positive thing. Hopefully, she sorted something out with WWE that she can continue to do her Twitch streaming, too, since that’s something she clearly enjoys quite a bit.

Velveteen Dream Backstage at Raw

Speaking of people being seen gearing up for a return. Supposedly, Velveteen Dream was backstage at Monday Night Raw.

Specifics about that situation have yet to be revealed and I don’t think anyone should jump to any conclusions on any spectrum.

Yes, there’s a chance this means he’s gearing up for a debut on the red brand. However, he could’ve just been backstage to go over some other stuff. Maybe he signed a new contract and that’s how they did it. For all we know, he was there to talk to them about not coming back.

Even if he’s there filming vignettes to air, it might still not happen. We haven’t seen Santana Garrett or Vanessa Borne on the main roster despite that, right?

Of course, with the allegations against him, he has a mountain to climb. If he’s innocent, it’s a shame this will linger possibly forever and greatly hinder his career. Naturally, if he’s guilty of terrible things, I’d imagine there’s no way this works out for him, period.

Time will tell. My gut says he’s actually going to show up on Raw, though.

WWE Aiming for Fans to Return on July 16

The world is opening up more and more every day. Your mileage may vary on whether or not any of these protocols and strategies are safe. I’m of the opinion this is still too early and we’re going to see massive spikes because people can’t be trusted and some irresponsible jerks are going to ruin it for everyone else, but I hope I’m wrong.

July 16th is apparently the date WWE is aiming for to have fans return. This would put them well in front of SummerSlam, which has yet to be confirmed. It also means that would be a few days before Extreme Rules on July 18th.

Would it be weird for that pay-per-view to be the start of “going back to normal”? A bit. But honestly, if it’s safe, it’s not as if waiting has any benefits. WWE doesn’t get bonus attendance for stalling another month.

I’m hesitant to trust this is a good idea, but cautiously optimistic things will work out.

Then again, if WWE thinks having fans means that’s another excuse not to bother writing stories because people will be so happy to have crowd interaction that “they’ll eat anything up”, we might be in for an even rougher patch!

What are your takes on these topics? Keep the discussion going in the comments below!

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