​Road Warrior Animal Says He Hated Their Puppet (Rocco), Discusses Leaving WWE, & More


Road Warrior Animal spoke with WrestleTalk about the team’s “Rocco” puppet and more. Check out the highlights:

On his hatred for Rocco: “That puppet got ‘mysteriously lost’ at the airport, I’ll tell you that right now. After Summerslam, that thing were gone. They did the puppet because Hawk and I sold a lot of action figures. They were trying to find a softer side of the Road Warriors. We have spiked shoulder pads on. No way you’re going to find a softer side to the Road Warriors. It was their idea, and Hawk and I hated it.”

On leaving WWE: “Hawk was a partier and got suspended a few times. One of the times he got suspended was three months. You’re not going to put me on TV not Hawk, so when he got a three month vacation, I got a three month vacation. That’s literally what happened. That’s why we left.”

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