Ronda Rousey Says “There Is No Way” She’s Done With WWE Yet, Discusses WrestleMania & More


Ronda Rousey spoke with promoting her book My Fight / Your Fight. Check out the highlights:

On what a chapter on her WrestleMania experience would have been like: “I don’t know. I guess it’ll have to start the next book … ’cause I feel like that part of my life is still in its infancy and it’s a little too early to get into it.”


On the WrestleMania experience: “It was like if you were an avid baseball fan your whole life, and you went to watch the World Series and they asked you to come in and pinch hit, and you went out and hit a home run in front of everybody. It was that level of “dream come true.”

On if she will be back in a WWE ring: You know, I was backstage and I got to talk several wrestling legends, so many. It’s such an over-stimulating day that I forgot who told me this, but he said, “You never really retire from wrestling; you can’t. You just step away for awhile.” Life is pulling me in a bunch of different directions and I’m forced to step away for awhile. But there’s no way, after getting a taste like that, I could never go back in for seconds.”

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