Screw you Time Warner, I cutting the cable. All I need is the WWE Network.


As I sit here and drink more wine and beer than any human
should while watching Money in the Bank.

I realize it’s not the bad wrestlers, or the Jerry Springer mentality
the ruins this nation, it’s bad writers that rape wrestling of all personality.
Yes, Dixie is still dumber than a hundred generations of deep south inbreeding,
but I’m having more fun with this PPV than I ever had with Impact Wresting . What
I don’t have fun with is watching RAW, SMACKDOWN and IMPACT WRESTING. I would
rather rub my nuts against a cheese grater (again I’m so drunk right now I couldn’t
spell your mom’s name if you spotted me the h o e.) than watch another 3 hour episode
of RAW, or as they say in the Appalachian Mountains that “there smarty pant
wrestling” TNA. So as of tomorrow I am cutting the cord. No more will I watch 3
hours of Raw, no more of mentally raping what little intelligence I have left
by watching TNA, no more boring my brain cells to death with SMACKDOWN. I can
live with the WWE Network.

Once a month I can watch a wrestling card, be it good or bad,
and feel like I get what I want wrestling! All wrestling that is now on TV is
bad TV. No offence ROH you do a great job, but you need to get your name out more.

So Time Warner Cable you can suck my nuts until to your blue
in the face, I’ll stick with my internet, but your cable is gone. Wrestling was
the last reason I kept you and now it sucks worse than Dixie Carter looking for
her next hit of crack. The cord is cut, the WWE Network gives me once a month a
wrestling card that I want. Plus I get WCCW, Legends of wrestling, and all the
great things that made me a fan in the first place. Not this shit I get nowadays
that makes me think that a worldwide genocide would be a good thing. So in closing,
all you haters can suck my nuts, like your momma does for rent. Peace.

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