​Shawn Michaels Explains Why He Didn’t Jump Ship From WWE To WCW, Jim Ross Speaks Out


— In his recent appearance on The Ross Report podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels discussed with Jim Ross how he previously thought about leaving WWE for WCW during the Monday Night War. Here is what he had to say on the subject:

“I thought about it, but there’s two things. I went to Vince and said ‘Let me go. I’m miserable here, I wanna go down and be with my buddies.’ He just said no. I’m under contract under WWE, so I couldn’t. But there was a time I wanna go. He said ‘You’re a creative guy. Once you get past being angry and it comes to working, you want to do things your way. They won’t let you do that down there, and that’s going to kill you. They’ll [kill] the one thing about this business you enjoy.’ I think he had some validity there.”

— Speaking of Jim Ross, the WWE Hall of Famer has updated the Q&A section for his website. Below are some highlights.

Ross on James Storm’s faction, The Revolution: “James is a talented dude in the ring and on the mic. I can see where some old schoolers could compare him to Kevin Sullivan.”

Ross on if long-booking is a lost art in pro wrestling: “Often times circumstances beyond one’s control prevent long term booking but when the playing field is level the best results are achieved when long term planning is in place. Many facets of today’s wrestling biz are somewhat of a lost art.”

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