Talk About A Roller Coaster Year


Thursday, July 24, 2014.

For Daniel Bryan, that one day alone is crazier than most people’s entire year. Bryan was involved in the legendary San Diego Comic Con event that featured Hulk Hogan, Paul Heyman and a surprise appearance by Sting.

Later that day, Bryan was informed by his doctor that his recovery from neck surgery isn’t going as well as they had hoped and thus, he would need an additional surgery, one that will keep him on the shelf even longer than was already expected.

As Bryan flies home after dealing with the tough news, he arrives to his new home. A home that he and his new bride, Brie Bella, have only lived in for just over a week. Having decided to put off the installation of their security system by a week, they arrived home only to realize that they were in the middle of being robbed by some punk kids.

Bryan, being the brave man that he is, decided to run after the thieves, without any knowledge as to whether or not they were carrying guns, knives or any other kind of weapons. One got away, but the other found himself locked in a rear-naked-choke by the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion until the authorities arrived on the scene and placed him under arrest.

After everything died down, Bryan and Bella took part in a police press conference in front of the media to explain what happened. The single most touching part of the presser, in my opinion, was when Bryan informed everyone that the burglars actually stole a bracelet that his father gave to him. In fact, it was the last item that Bryan had to remind him of his father, who had just passed away a few months ago. During this part of the press conference, Bryan began to break down with emotion, only to have the warm embrace of his wife’s hand on his back, rubbing his shoulders to help him through an emotional speech.

This was a similar scene to the one where Bryan appeared on RAW less than 24 hours after his father had passed, so that WWE could write him off of the story lines. Bryan went to the ring and before being attacked by Kane, led the WWE Universe in one mega-“Yes!” chant. You could see his eyes well up with tears as he led his army of fans in the passionate chant, only for Brie to take over the chant and proudly lead the fans while Bryan looked up to the haven’s and likely had a private moment with his pops.

This is a guy who has been held down for years, only to break through and become one of WWE’s biggest Superstars on his own. He finally gets his moment at WrestleMania XXX in April, only to find out weeks later that he had a broken neck, would need surgery and would likely have to forfeit the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. This leads to WWE stripping him of the title and moving on without him. Business is business, and WWE must move forward.

But fear not, Bryan is only expected out of action until after SummerSlam, as he is already booked for some live events in Madison Square Garden, as well as some other international dates.

Not anymore.

Due to the lack of progress Bryan has made in recovering his strength, he must undergo another surgery. This news was revealed during the aforementioned police press conference, where Bryan explained the details of the call he received from his doctor earlier in that crazy day.

I’m not sure how much more a human being can take. The poor guy has had a roller coaster of emotions and situations unfold before him in such a small amount of time, stuff that would be “trying” for any human being on the planet, to say the least.

For Bryan’s sake, hopefully his second surgery is a success and he recovers the strength in his arms, so that he can get back in front of his beloved fans and do what he does best — entertain. Alright, maybe second best. His best ability this week was being a heroic crime fighter that risked life and limb to protect his family, his dog “Josie” and his neighborhood.

Is Daniel Bryan a hero? YES! YES! YES! You better believe it, buddy!

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